3D Agario: Dominate the World

3D Agario

Sometimes the simplest games are the best. Agario is a great example of this. But then someone thought “let’s make it more exciting”, 3D Agario was born and it greatly improved a game which was already loved by many.

This guide to the 3D Agario game tells you all you need to know.

A brief history of Agario

3d agario gameBefore 3D Agario, there was just Agario. It’s a simple, but highly addictive game which was created in 2015 by a Brazilian developer.

It’s an online multi-player game where the goal is to grow a cell by swallowing smaller cells. You control your cell and it gets bigger the more smaller cells you consume.

Be aware though that anyone with a cell bigger than yours could consume you.

You must move around the screen consuming the smaller cells and avoiding attack from the bigger ones. If you are consumed, you must start again.

It is possible to split your cell in two. This can be done multiple times so that you control four, eight, 16, etc. cells at once.

This can be done to consume more cells at once or to co-ordinate an attack. If any of your split cells are consumed, you lose them. After splitting, your cells will rejoin after a short period of time.

Larger cells move a little more slowly, so it’s possible to outrun them.

The winner in Agario is the player who ends up with the largest cell.

3D Agario

3D Agario is basically the same game, but is three dimensional. The whole gaming area is a field that looks like a giant green chess board.

There are trees randomly placed throughout and there’s a huge stone wall which runs all the way around the field.

The usual rules of Agario apply and you must consume cells. You can split in the same way as the original game too.

With having it in three dimensions, you can choose how to view the game. It’s possible to view it from directly above, which gives it an original game feel.

It’s also possible to view it from behind your cell to make it look like a flat playing surface.

With a slightly elevated view, you get a much better perspective and it makes the game a lot easier to play.

With regard to gameplay, 3D Agario looks great. The one criticism is the trees. These can get in the way and obscure your view of the entire game at times.

Controls for the 3D Agario game

3D Agario secretsYou have a little bit of freedom for navigating in 3D Agario. You can choose to use W, S, A, D for up, down, left, and right movements.

If you prefer, you can use the four arrow keys instead. It’s down to individual player preference and can depend on whether you are right- or left-handed.

Both sets of controls work equally well and you’ll enjoy 3D Agario whichever you use. It is also possible to control your cell with the mouse.