Adventure Capitalist Guide: Strategy Tips to Smash It!

adventure capitalist game strategy of investing

Ever since it was launched, the Adventure Capitalist game has been able to gather more and more players each year. This is basically a “tapping” game where players tap constantly, but its formula is less chaotic. The game requires the player to think and this is what makes it better than other similar games in the app store.

However, the purpose of this post is not to talk about the game and its gameplay, try it out and you’ll see for yourself how good it is. Today we are going to give Adventure Capitalist tips and tricks on how to play the game better and create a business that will rule them all.

In this Adventure Capitalist guide, we will teach you how to earn more money in-game, develop your business more quickly, and simply be better at the game. So let’s start.

Learning the basics of Realm Adventure Capitalist

Before we start giving you any tips, you need to learn the concepts of the game. Simply put, the game has a lot of factors, and some tips shouldn’t be taken literally, as they are not valid in all situations. This is why you need a better understanding of the game itself before proceeding forward.

Your task is to effectively upgrade businesses with the cash you earn. When you reach trillionaire status, you’ll be able to attract angels to your businesses. To acquire angels, you will have to reset your current progress and get the opportunity to buy premium upgrades with angels.

When you reset, you will get multiplier bonuses. When you earn over 100 trillion, you can start building your empire on the Moon, similarly to the one on Earth.

With your idle money, you can get megabucks which can be used to unlock the third adventure “The Mars”. These adventures are connected to each other. Once you upgrade more businesses and open up new opportunities, you will have to switch between them. You’ll need to upgrade the right one at any given moment so that the actions can reflect positively on the other businesses.

Now that you know the basic concept of the game, let’s get on with our Realm Adventure Capitalist Guide.

Managers are crucial for your success

Forget about all the aspects of the game and the resources at your disposal. If you are having doubts about where you should focus your efforts, don’t, as managers are the most important asset you have.

The reason why managers are so valuable is that they can run your business while you are doing something else.

adventure capitalist managers strategy

Simply put, when you log out, the managers are the ones who continue to do the work for you. This is why your number one priority should be to unlock and hire as many managers as you possibly can for your the first half a dozen businesses.

To build a great empire, stick to this method. You can start focusing resources on upgrades only after you’ve filled half a dozen businesses with managers. This is how you’ll get the most out of your businesses even when you are not actually playing the game.

Make sure to use the upgrades

The more you upgrade various aspects of your business, the better it will perform. However, you should start with upgrades only once you’ve reached a certain number of managers in your enterprise. At the same time, when upgrading your businesses, your upgrades should be spread out evenly across all organizations.

For example, you shouldn’t just upgrade a single lemonade stand and push it to extreme levels, over 400, while all the other businesses remain significantly lower. Use your money to upgrade all businesses evenly, as this is how you will get the best returns for the money you’ve invested. Simply put, lower level upgrades bring more money for their worth.

Later upgrades give some additional improvements and achievements that can be really expensive. However, you need to create a steady income so that you can pay for them. Only when you are able to create a lot of money can you start focusing on later upgrades.

adventure capitalist

Don’t forget about the “unlocks menu”

This part of the game is highly important. In the “unlocks menu” you can learn about the valuable aspects of your business.

It allows you to easily spot the areas you’ve missed or things that can help you improve your businesses significantly. On the first page of this menu, you can see all the upgrades that your individual businesses need. This helps you boost their speed and their profits.

When you are able to achieve these requirements, you will boost your businesses but, at the same time, you will unlock new requirements that will allow you to grow businesses further.

For example, the lemonade stand can be upgraded up to level 6k and you have a long road of upgrading in front of you. This is why you need to manage your resources and upgrade steadily on all fronts to progress quickly.

Use the ads to your advantage

Even though ads might be annoying, they are rewarding and can be used to speed up your profits. Just find the green TV screen that is located in the bottom right corner and tap on it to watch an ad.

Typically, when you watch a single ad that lasts 30 seconds you will get double profits for the upcoming 4 hours, no matter if you are logged in or not.

This is why you should always use ads to your advantage. You’ll be able to hire managers and unlock upgrades much faster and grow your business rapidly.

Make sure that you do the big upgrades while the timer is still on

When you reach the stage when you can open later businesses, the first one being the hockey stadium, you will notice that these businesses take more time to collect profits.

However, you can use the trick of upgrading your businesses a couple of times quickly just before the timer has expired. This is how you can get far greater amounts of money when you collect.

Simply put, invest in upgrades evenly across all businesses, except these large enterprises. Wait for the moment when the timer is near to being reset. When you notice this, invest all of your money in these businesses and you will make great profits.

Angel investors give you a great advantage

When you reach the later stages of the game and you have all of the unlocks and upgrades, the game will give you the option to unlock investors. At this point, you probably have a lot of money and you should use it to hire investors as soon as possible. The reason why you should do this is that investors give you more opportunities to grow your business further.

adventure capitalist angel investors

Investors open up new upgrades for your businesses and increase your profits. However, you will have to sell the businesses you have and make a fresh start. Even though it seems like a setback, this is the right way to make even greater profits.

By selling shares and getting Angel investors you will get a lot of new options in the game and you’ll be able to progress further. If you want to read our complete guide on how to make the most out of Angel investors, visit this link.

Invest in the oil company at the beginning

The oil company is the business that gives you the most money, period. The payout per second is the greatest for oil companies and even though it might take longer to bring one up to its feet, it still ends up making you the most profits.

With the highest payouts per second, you’ll get lifetime earnings faster and this leads to getting angels faster.

This is the general rule for the earlier stages of the game – whenever you have extra resources to invest, you should focus on the oil company.

However, in the later stages of the game, the newspaper and the lemonade stands start making more money so you should focus your extras on those. It also depends on your strategy and how you’ve developed your business.


This is our guide for playing Adventure Capitalist like a pro and be very successful at developing your business. Have you tried out these tactics? Did you play the game differently? Is there a better way to play in your opinion?

Tells us about your gameplay.



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