How to Learn Blackjack in 5 Easy (And Fun) Steps

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Are you finding it hard to figure out blackjack? Well, you are not alone. The game is deeply satisfying only if you spend the time to understand the strategies.

If you don’t, you’ll be losing quicker than a sleazy politician after a sex scandal.

Are you determined to learn how to properly play the game? I’ll give you a foolproof approach that you will find not only easy but fun too.

    • There are only five steps to it.
    • Step 1 – Take care of your emotions
    • Step 2 – Study the rules
    • Step 3 – Learn the optimal odds
    • Step 4 – Master the basics through practice.
    • Step 5 – Learn in-depth systems.

Let’s take each step and see how you can improve through daily practice.

Step 1 – Take care of your emotions

Blackjackist app emoticonEmotions play a major role in the results of any gaming. It goes double when any money is involved. So, the first thing you should do is disassociate yourself from any results.

Remember, you should worry only about the actions you take at a blackjack table. Whether it is betting, doubling down, or simply leaving, each has its right time.

Imagine that you are sitting with a $1,000 at a table. You play it slow, $1-$2 per bet. But here comes a young, attractive girl. Or a guy. They exchange $500 to chips and start aggressively betting $10 and $20 per hand. Will it affect how you play? Will winning affect your game? Or losing?

That’s a million-dollar question.

If you feel shaky when pressured by financial decisions, work on your mental game. Meditate (great apps are Calm and Headspace). Read a book on the topic (Tommy Angelo and Jared Tendler have written extensively on the mental game aspect for poker players and gamblers, in general).

Read the complete list of Free Casino Slot App Reviews.

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Step 2 – Learn the rules

best free blackjack app rules

Our readers come from a variety of backgrounds. Some of you will already know blackjack rules, others will only have a vague idea from what they have seen in the movies.
What you must know is this:

  • Card counting is theoretically possible, but only in a live setting. Plus, you would need a team. So, forget this and focus on cracking solo game strategies.
  • Blackjack has different variants. Most common is Soft 16, where dealer must draw on 16, and stand on 17.
  • The house edge in blackjack comes from the dealer having to act last. To counter this, in some strategies it is recommended to stand on a relatively low count (like 14 or 15) in hopes of the dealer busting instead of risking yourself.

To know more about the game, check out CasinoSmash Blackjack guide. It’s a remarkable resource for learning about the history and the rules.

Step 3 – Learn the optimal odds

At this point, it should not take you a long time to count your points or understand the actions around you. Once you feel confident, it’s time to learn optimal plays.

Optimal strategy depends on how many decks are in play and what card is the dealer holding.
One way to learn the best strategies is through trainer apps, Blackjack All-In-One Trainer.

This app should teach you everything you need to know about playing blackjack. It’s completely free. Set the rules of the game, the number of players and follow the lessons.

Step 4 – Master the basics through practice

Blackjackist app play

Practice makes perfect. You’ve trained and now it’s time to test your skills.

For this step, I recommend downloading the Blackjackist app from the App Store or the Google Play store. It’s highly rated, but it’s not the app’s biggest advantage.

On the Blackjackist app, you can play among real players, strangers as well as your friends in a fantastic 3D environment.


The games are free and diverse. Besides blackjack, you can play such games like poker, Omaha, baccarat, roulette, even slots. The company (Kama Games) made sure you wouldn’t struggle for free coins.

However, there is always an option to purchase.

Also, the Blackjackist app offers a fun rewards system where you can focus on collecting items, achievements (that also give you free coins), buying virtual property and more. While collections and property are more for bragging rights than real value, achievements may offer even $30,000 in free chips.

And while we are talking about rewards, let’s also touch on bankroll management. If you come back to practice daily, you will get increasing daily bonuses $2,000, $3,000, $5,000, $7,000 and $10,000.

But free coins do not mean you should start betting the maximum like other players at your table. At first, learn to stick to $1 – $2 limit.

Spend some time, familiarize yourself with the app. Blackjackist has many features that make it a worthy app to have, even if you don’t plan on becoming a blackjack ninja.

Step 5 – Learn in-depth systems

blackjackist app achievements

Let’s call this an Optional Step. It won’t be for everyone. It won’t even be for the majority. The first four steps are practically nothing compared to what it takes to become a blackjack pro.

To learn the realities of playing blackjack, you will need to read books like Ben Mezrich’s Bringing Down the House.

Trust me, the movie leaves out 80% of the real story.
While legendary books like Stanford Wong’s Professional Blackjack will show you blackjack from both, the data aspect, and the human aspect.

Mastering blackjack will require studying the game as well as finding the right people, the right games. It’s a long process, but doable.

But even if you skip the last step, you will be more than ready to confidently play in a live casino during your vacation or play real money games at an online casino. You already know a ton about blackjack. So, with practice, you will only get better.

That’s it. That’s the five fun and easy steps to blackjack. If you have any questions about how to play, or where, or anything like that, don’t hesitate to reach out.


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