The best casino app for Android – Four Top Picks

best casino app android

Look at the app store. Any of them. What you will see is hundreds of social casinos and gaming platforms. And they all look the same!

How can you tell which is the best casino app for Android?

Especially when the information you have is extremely limited. You can base your decision on the name of the app, the developer of the app, you can also follow the app rating.

There are a couple of problems with this approach. To show you how the professionals, do it, I’ve picked four what we think are the best casino apps on the Google Play Store:

  1. Hot Shot Casino
  2. Monopoly Casino
  3. Lil Wayne Casino
  4. Super Party Slots.

These are apps with a similar rating but a very different angle of operation.

Take Super Party Slots, for example. It has had massive success on both iOS and Android platforms.

Currently the casino boasts over 15 million players. It has a superb app store rating and lots of positive reviews.

But is it something you should be looking at? You don’t know. You can’t know. Not after a quick glance at the app.

First, you must know well what do you like in a casino app. Would you prefer a casino that is as straightforward as a casino can be?

Then you must look for something very much like the Hot Shot Casino. It’s a social casino and nothing else.

On the other hand, millions of players want their casinos to be much more than just casinos. They want special features (example: collections, quests), additional games (example: Snakes and Ladders).

If that’s your thing, you should definitely check out Super Party Slots. For some it may be too much, but not for you.

So, what, how and why?

I know you have lots of questions. That’s why below I have written short introductions to each of the apps and you can decide which is your best casino slots app for Android.

Keep in mind, the casinos are very different. If there’s one you don’t like, move on to the other. I will be completely opposite.

Hot Shot Casino – as Simple as it Goes

Hot Shot Casino

The apps are introduced in no particular order. But we start with the Hot Shot Casino because it’s a stripped down, back-to-basics version of a mobile casino.

Like we just said, if you are looking for a casino, and nothing else, this one is a perfect place to play.

There are a couple of drawbacks, but if you want a straightforward interface, you’ll enjoy Hot Shot Casino game variety and rewards.

Though, at first you may need a bit of patience to unlock new games.

Hot Shot Casino hasn’t made the process easy. When you join, there is only one game unlocked. It’s called Lock it Link. To get new games, you will have to play and increase your player level.

Every seven levels a new game will unlock:

  • Level 7 – Blazing Hot Shot
  • Level 14 – 88 Fortunes
  • Level 21 – Dragon’s Realm
  • Level 28 – Epic Monopoly
  • Level 35 – Dancing in Rio

hot shot casino slots games

And so on. The good news is that the Hot Shot Casino free coins are incredibly easy to get by. Every player starts with 2.5 million coins. Connect your Facebook account and claim another 3.5 million free coins. Don’t forget about the daily and hourly bonuses!

Stakes start at 4,000 per spin, so your 6+ million bankroll should last you for a very long time. Don’t bet the max every bet and you will never have to think about app purchases.

A little further below you will find an introduction to the Lil Wayne app. If you like the simplicity of Hot Shot Casino, make sure to check out Lil Wayne games as well.

It’s a similar app, but a very different challenge.

Monopoly Slots – from your kitchen table onto your mobile device

monopoly slots

If you’ve been to an online casino before, you may have seen Monopoly Slots. In fact, it’s not the first time when a tabletop game gets its own slot machine.

But it is the first time when the whole casino app is dedicated to it. And it’s brilliant. Honestly.

Things start slowly here, but don’t be alarmed. The pace picks up rather quickly as you play on. There will be many rewards, lots of Monopoly slots free coins, and unique features to enjoy.

Two most frustrating roadblocks you will have to overcome are a low number of games to start as well as tutorial interruptions.

1. Low number of games at the beginning

If you think how casino sites operate, you’d understand why all of the games are unlocked at the start of you joining them.

Mobile casinos are a different kind of breed though. They need to you come back often, so they will give you benefits like daily bonuses as well as restrictions like locked games until a certain level.

This happens here, too. Like at the Hot Shot Casino, you get only one game when you start. But at least levels are easy to increase.

2. The tutorial interruptions

monopoly free slotsIf you’re like most players, you will be eager to get going. But the Monopoly Slots has prepared a tutorial about every important aspect of the gameplay.

And it’s given to you in chunks. So, you may be getting in to the game rhythm only to get interrupted by another lesson.

But it will be over before you unlock the second game. Besides, the fact that they teach you about in-app building, tasks and quests only shows that it’s more than a flat out casino compared to Hot Shot Slots or other casinos.

But once you get playing and go up a few levels, the Monopoly free slots app will become one of the best mobile casino apps you have ever tried.

It’s a great-looking app, no doubt. But more importantly, it provides such an immersive casino experience that you will sometimes feel like playing a real money slot.

Here’s something else that we experienced multiple times during testing. The payouts on the Monopoly slots are often huge.

What often happens in the industry is that due to the lack of oversight or legislation, these apps payout only about half of what you put in.

But on Monopoly slots we were to build bankrolls on multiple different Android devices.

Coincidence? Maybe. If you do try Monopoly slots, let us know how has it been treating you.

Lil Wayne app

lil wayne app

In terms of innovation, this ‘little’ Lil Wayne app won’t win any awards. It’s good. The games, the user interface, the effects, the features. It’s all OKAY.

Though, the reason why its on our list to become the best casino app for Android in 2019, is the whole experience.

Let’s get back a bit.

Do you like mobile gaming? If you have tried at least one Android casino, you will know that special feeling these apps provide. You glance at your bankroll. 5 million coins.

You max out the bets and start spinning. Before you know it, the coins are gone. You either wait until you get another bonus or look for more mobile slot games with free coins.

If you will download this Lil Wayne app, you must know something. It’s nothing like the experience we just described.

On the contrary, you only have 1000 coins or so to play with. No hourly bonuses, no special giveaways.

lil wayne slot machineThere is a daily bonus, though. Every day you log in, you get 500 coins and 5 free spins on the Lil Wayne slot machine of your choice.

Lil Wayne games are not for the weak-willed. It’s almost no difference from real money casinos in the sense that you must be aware of your bankroll at all times.

If you’re not up for this challenge, it’s absolutely fine. You have another 100 Android slots apps where you can get yourself millions of free coins and tons of free spins.

But there is no other casino that would offer what Lil Wayne app has. Not that good, anyway. That’s why it is on this best casino app for Android list.

In fact, I sincerely hope that some of you will find Lil Wayne app to be the best app on your mobile device.

There is so much potential to learn to play in a new and an exciting way. Try it! You’ll see.

Best Casino App for Android – Super Party Slots

super party slots

Edit: some of you find this article because you are looking for Super Jackpot Party Slot machine (developed by WMS industries). This is NOT it. Here we are looking at Super Party Slots, a casino app from Scientific Games.

Lastly, we move to the best casino app on Android platform. That’s Super Party Slots.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a tough, tough choice. Each mentioned app offers something that is 100 percent of their own.

But Super Party Slots is just too good. It’s more than a mobile gaming app, it’s a full-on online gambling experience like you would experience at the world’s best online and brick and mortar casinos.

There are three main reasons why Super Party Slots:

1. No surprises

super jackpot party slotsWhen you join a casino, it’s only natural that you have some kind of expectations. Especially, if you tried some casino apps before and know well what is it that you are looking for.

As far as this goes, expect no surprises from Super Party Slots app. It’s a casino as much as you expect it to be. No special angle that could split the fan base.

  • Hourly bonuses? Check.
  • Daily jackpots? Check. With multipliers!
  • Facebook bonus? Check.
  • Connect to friends? Check.

I could go on and on, but you probably get the point. The good news is that the story does not end here.

2. Big surprises – Super Party Slots Extras

Free Slots at Super Jackpot Party? Sure!

In between the usual mobile casino activities, Super Party Slots offers lots of complimentary extras. Features that are not something players expect but together they enhance your playtime.

3. World-class Casino Games (REAL)

Many don’t consider this, but mobile casino app developers must create their own games. That’s why most mobile casinos have 30 or so slots machines.

Building a game database takes a substantial amount of time. And locking games until you reach a certain level allows them to minimize the potential damage of a small game offering.

free slots super jackpot partyThe thing with Super Party Slots is that they managed to strike a perfect balance between giving you something to play with, and keeping the intrigue alive by making you play to unlock more games.

T here’s actually more to it. Every casino provides you with free coins, but often they set limits and payouts to ‘help’ you lose quicker and force you to make app purchases.

Here the amount of coins you get will set you up for countless hours on the free slots at Super Jackpot Party.

Some slots here even are play-money alternatives to real money slots. Like one of the first slots you get to play, Zeus II.

Where to play – best casinos for you?

Whenever we get to choose between casinos, it is often a hard choice. The ratings are often similar, while the strategies each casino employs are also something you see over and over again.

So, when you come across a unique casino, it’s worth paying attention. Not to say every such casino is worth your playtime.

Not at all. You don’t have to try every casino to know. But it’s a good place to start. For sure.

In general, the best things in life are never copied from somewhere else. The same applies to the best casino app for Android.

If the app is just one out of a hundred, there’s not much of a choice to be made.

In the same fashion, apps like the Monopoly Casino or the Lil Wayne app didn’t fall on my lap. I’ve tried 50 casinos before.

Some you already know about (maybe even from this site), some are so bad that I wish they would never be discovered.

All I can hope for is that I saved you some time and helped find your next casino. If you have any questions, let me know.