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Billionaire Casino Review: Tips and Tricks | Free Spins 

It’s no secret that, often, an app on the store will have hundreds of clones. If that’s true, consider it double for online slots. That’s why it becomes very tricky playing, even if you only use free app features.  

Billionaire Casino AppI love trying out new things, experimenting, and analyzing the results. But even I feel overwhelmed when I’m surrounded by pretty-much-the-same app multiplied by 200. 

That’s why Billionaire Casino was such a standout. And I do mean that with all seriousness.  

First of all, it raised the stakes. You are no more playing $1,000 a spin, but 10x that.  Plus, you get genuine rewards. Not a mere shadow of a reward that so many free casinos disguise as the real deal. I only joined the site and already got almost $20 million in free chips.  

I am not saying it’s for everyone. Nothing is, right? But if you are stuck without a free slots casino, Billionaire Casino is a decent start to any such search. 

What to expect at Billionaire casino  

Enough compliments for now. If you looked at Billionaire Casino rating and reviews, you’ve noticed that, while mostly positive, far from perfect.  

What a 4.6 rating tells us? For starters, that Billionaire Casino doesn’t disappoint their new players. Otherwise, most would give them 1-star reviews. Most of the 5-star comments are thanking Billionaire Casino for bonuses and wins.  

What about 1-star reviews? No surprise there, most unhappy customers are complaining about the lack of winning. For instance, this review: 

Ok slot app. Just like the rest, they seem to let you win at first and then you lose and lose and lose. 

Let’s make this clear, the casino is not responsible neither for your wins, nor for your losses.  

If that’s a problem, you will never find a decent casino for you.  

Another thing I noticed was quick responses from the Billionaire support, although some did take a couple of days.  

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Billionaire casino tips and tricks  

As I have been playing for a little while now, my luck has been swinging up and down. That’s to be expected. But it also triggered me to look for various Billionaire casino tips and tricks. Casinos as large as billionaire are bound to have some secrets within them.  

Billionaire casino JackpotHere’s what I learned and can pass to you: 

1. Play reasonably 

Whether it’s slots, poker, baccarat or any other game, many players just go crazy. Stop it. If you don’t want to run out of chips, bet reasonable amounts and you’ll see your bankroll soar.  

2. Play tournaments 

It’s a bit risky but I found that it’s a great bankroll booster for me. I can’t always expect to hit a jackpot but usually I go to tournaments with high expectations and leave with nice chip gains. Not always, but 30% of the time to me is good. 

3. Don’t expect coin hacks to work 

Seriously, you are downloading fake software that potentially can steal your data and money. Billionaire casino is an online game, you can’t hack it through your phone.  

Billionaire casino free spins. Don’t miss! 

This is a bit strange. It’s a play money app, all spins are free, right? Wrong. Billionaire casino free spins let you save your virtual bankroll and play risk free. Remember those complainers from the 1-star reviews? They likely lost because they didn’t use Billionaire Casino’s risk-free opportunities to play, such as free spins.  

Billionaire casino free spins

Free spins can be won in variety of competitions in the casino as well as on social media. Moreover, it allows you to go for the big wins. I once got to choose between 100x 10,000-coin spins and 10x 100,000-coin spins.  

You know what I did? I chose 100,000-coin free spins. One spin could’ve won be a multi-million jackpot. I didn’t win, but I know, given the chance, I’ll go for the same choice.  

Billionaire Casino App 

You probably started from Billionaire’s Facebook page. And now you’re considering about moving to the Billionaire casino app. Am I right?  

Billionaire-Casino AppThe app is fine. For the most part. Like any other, it has its lag moments, but the interface is great. And you get all the same games as you do on Facebook.  

Lastly, if you are worried about notifications, you should know that Billionaire Casino allows you choose when and what you want to be notified about.   

To close, I’ll only say this. I enjoy it. At least for now. If I start magically bleeding chips without a chance of recovery, I may change my mind. But now Billionaire has all I need – over 100+ wide-range games, fast support, stunning graphics, and a revolving door of free coins.  

Billionaire Casino

10 MILLION in free chips
This Offer Has Expired

Billionaire Casino

  • Engaging Free-to-play Slots App
  • Players can create or join clubs to meet new people
  • Over 100 slots games by Huuuge Games
  • Available on Google Play, Apple App Store and Amazon App Store


  • Highly socially interactive
  • Available in 14 languages
  • Colorful interface
  • Good starter tutorial
  • Billionaire Leagues of players clubs
  • Wider than average level on selection of games
  • Huuuge Games collection


  • Overly crowded lobby and game interface
  • Lack of Facebook connection is a bonus rewards disadvantage

Overall Rating

Billionaire Casino Info


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