Cash Frenzy Casino Features Generating Millions of Free Coins


In many ways, Cash Frenzy Casino is just like any other social casino on the app stores. It’s well rated, packed with gorgeous slots, and very generous.

But if you’re new, your one-million-coin bankroll can dry up pretty quickly. In this guide I will take you through the best games and features, that will generate you millions of Cash Casino Frenzy free coins.

However, if you are eager to get your hands on free coins right now, I found a coin hack you can use.  If you want to explore the casino first, here we go.

A Brief Introduction to Cash Frenzy Casino

I want to explain why I picked Cash Frenzy Casino for today’s review. Because while it is a fun little place, for the most part every other casino has something similar. Let’s make this clear, Frenzy Casino is intended to be the best casino for players, who not only play slots.

On every corner you will find features, extra games, tasks, missions, big wild jackpots, multipliers, and more.

By the way, not only do they add more flavour to the experience, they make you a fortune. Having said that, Cash Frenzy Casino free coins can be won on their thrilling casino games. There’s a jackpot in all slot machines.

Actually, there are four, and sometimes even six. Cash Frenzy Casino winI personally had lots of success at this social casino, but only on a handful of slots. As you are well aware, casino’s have an edge on all games, including slots.

Often, you will lose coins playing games. Choose your casino slots wisely! That’s why I will mostly focus on every extra feature here, where you can make coins.

Namely, the Amazing Stamps, The Megaball, Multipliers, and Daily Missions. But I’ll also include some games that I found to be paying the most.

The Amazing Stamps

Cash Frenzy Casino StampsStamps is a collection feature. Remember when you were little, you had a book to fill out with stickers. It’s just like that.

You get an empty album with 12 sets of 12 stickers or stamps. Completing the whole set will bank you lots of coins.

While it will take you a long time to complete an album, you can complete different sets in that album for additional prizes. The best part is, you don’t have to do anything. You will get these stamps randomly as you play and level up.

Mega ball

Mega ball is awesome. You can try your luck every three days. Every day you log in to play, you will get to spin a lucky wheel.

After you come back to the app for three days, you will be able to claim the Mega Ball bonus. You’ll start with a guaranteed prize, which then, depending on your luck, will be multiplied up to 250 times.

Level up, Hourly Bonuses and Multipliers

Cash Frenzy Casino Level up BonusFirst, the multipliers. It’s a passive bonus that you earn during the day. The more you play, the bigger the multiplier.

Unfortunately, even if you played enough to reach even x5 multiplier, they will reset the next day. Multipliers are applied to many bonuses at Cash Frenzy Casino, but most notably, the hourly bonuses.

There are three. One fills up every 15 minutes, the other takes three hours. And one is daily. It’s also a good strategy to wait until your multiplier increases before you claim a bonus. Alone they don’t seem too impressive.

We’re talking 300,000 to several million coins. But if you claim the majority, in a week you can earn tens of millions of Cash Frenzy Casino free coins. Cash Frenzy Casino Free Coins

Daily Missions and Quests

Daily Missions and Quests require you the same thing. Which is to play and reach some sort of a milestone. Win three million coins, get 3 big wins, bet 2 million coins, etc. But they differ slightly.

Every day has three Daily Missions, plus an Ultimate mission. Each mission has a reward, but the goal is to keep the streak going.

Two days’ worth of daily missions will get you a mystery prize, which is a halfway towards the main prize. Cash Frenzy Casino Main Prize A ticking clock makes things harder, but you can still win a lot of coins, if you put in the effort. Quests are a bit different.

They reset every four days and before you start, you may choose between easy, medium or a hard quest.

Quests are not good producers of coins, unless you reach the end of the journey. However, they will get you diamonds, which are valuable all around the Cash Frenzy Casino.

Best Games to Win Cash Frenzy Casino free coins

There are around 50 Cash Frenzy Slot machines today. I played maybe 10 or 12. But I can only vouch for three, maybe four slot machines that were not only fun, but also rewarding. Some of the best are:

Happy Pinata

Cash Frenzy Casino Happy Pinata By far my best paying slot on here is the Happy Pinata. Instead of features that you find on every other slot, Happy Pinata slot machine has a fun bonus.

Free games continue until you either drop because of too many pinatas, or you reach the jackpot. I have done both, though I like the second one much, much more.

Fortune Kitty

Cash Frenzy Casino Fortune Kitty Fortune Kitty slot machine on Cash Frenzy Casino is quite swingy, but during two hours, I triggered its signature feature the Might Respin over 10 times.

Mighty Cash

Cash Frenzy Casino Mighty Cash On the Mighty Cash slot I managed to trigger a Mighty Respin feature and filled all reels! Which lets you spin another wheel for another boost such as total win multiplier or jackpots.

Cash Frenzy Casino free coins hack

I can’t promise that you will win, if you utilize my strategies. All I know is that similar strategies have worked for me in numerous casinos.

Here I grew my bankroll from one million to 71 million Cash Frenzy Casino free coins in three days.

However, to help you out with your free coins, I have a coin hack you can use right now. Check it out, enter your username as well as some other bits of information.

That’s all you need to know about the Cash Frenzy Casino. Now go out there and smash the slot machines. But, if you have any question, feel free to leave a comment or contact me.


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