Casino Tycoon (with a Working Hack)

casino tycoon

When most players hear ‘Casino Tycoon’, they think about their favorite city builder game. Maybe Sim City 3000 or Tropico.

They will remember how many times placing a casino or a resort saved their virtual game economy from collapsing.

Since appearances in strategy games, Casino Tycoons even got their own games. Back in 2002 – 2006 Hoyle released the Casino Empire Tycoon, while Deepred launched Vegas: Make it big. Players still debate which is better.

But today we are looking at a completely different casino tycoon. One with no sandbox mode and no requirement to build your casino. Not even a Casino Tycoon download. Actually, for one of the casino tycoon games, its name is as straightforward as they go.

Without further ado, let us introduce a brand new game, Tycoon Casino. It’s a social game that you can play anywhere you go.

Tycoon Casino – Quick Look

You’re right on time. The Casino Tycoon game (officially Tycoon Casino™: Free Vegas Jackpot Slots) has just been launched and it’s full of pleasant surprises.

It’s wonderful to see that it’s been received so well. 4.9-star rating is nothing to be shy about! The game is developed by the Triwin Games.

Below we will also show you how to claim hundreds of millions of free coins as gifts as well as a product of a working hack.

Casino Tycoon games – Play the Casino Tycoon

As you didn’t yet click on the coin generator, you may not be the ‘gimme coins right now’ type of a player. Do you like the challenge of starting low, collecting rewards, building a bankroll, and maybe even winning the jackpot?

casino tycoon games

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Here’s a quick strategy guide on how to deal with your new bankroll on the Tycoon Casino:

Advantages of Tycoon Casino

  • All games at once. No locked slots. Browse around all you want.
  • Big Features – Each game has unique layouts and features. Like Snowflakes:

casino tycoon snowflakes

  • Many ways to earn free coins. Often, in small (500,000 coins) amounts, yet free coins are nothing to fret about.

casino tycoon download


  • Frequent ads. Tycoon Casino will send you pop-ups during your game time, occasionally even 30-second video ads.
  • Slightly misleading impression. 100 million coins sound great until you find out that most slots have 750.000 bet minimum.
  • Diverse differences in payouts. Our experiments show that some games simply pay better. And some slots only pay decently until a certain wager. Speculative? Sure. But feel free to test yourself. Don’t be surprised if wagers up to 1 million coins will prove to pay much more than wagers over 5 million.

If these disadvantages stop you, you probably will have more fun playing Casino Tycoon video game.

But overall, there is a ton that Tycoon Casino has done right.

If you find pleasure in game researching through playing, as well as a bankroll building journey, you should give this casino a try. And in case something goes wrong, you can use the generator as an emergency bankroll.

Guide to Free Coins at Tycoon Casino

The first step is very easy. Just download and start the game. Your bankroll will have 100 million coins. You can’t get that in Las Vegas or Macau.

casino tycoon free coins

Plus, every day you come back you claim a spin on the special Wheel of Fortune Bonus Wheel

Wheel of Fortune Bonus Wheel

You can earn anywhere from $5 million to 25 million coins. OR even the jackpot!

  • Next, Store Gift.

In the bottom center of the game screen, there is a pile of coins. You should be returning here frequently because of the massive rewards from Store Gifts, Bonus Wheel, Feedback, Cashback, and more.

You just took the jackpot reward, so you will need to wait another 4 hours until the next one. But you can claim 500,000 free coins through the Store Gift rewards. They reset every 12 minutes.

  • Daily Goals

Casino Tycoon daily goalsEveryday players receive goals to reach within that day. Some are easy (play any slot machine), others are a little harder. Luckily, if some are too hard, there is always the next day to try.

On your first day, to get 10 million free coins you will have to play two slot machines and reach level 9.

  • Cherry Bonuses

Casino Tycoon cherry bonusesSometimes, after an update, you will find new bonuses to win free coins. Like the recent Cherry Bonus with 6 million, 15 million and 25 million coin gifts.

IMPORTANT: Just because you have 100 million coins, it does not make you bulletproof. You have many rewards to claim and increase your bankroll.

That helps. But you also must watch out what stakes you are playing. Often stakes at Casino Tycoon games start at 750,000 per spin, essentially limiting your bankroll to 160 spins.

Or abysmal 80 spins if you play 1.5m per spin.

So, start with games like Eastern Riches where you can play for a much-more-reasonable 250,000 per spin.

That’s pretty much the story of the Tycoon Casino. Play a variety of games, see which pay more (they are NOT equal) and have tons of fun.

Tycoon Casino – best free coins hack

We all know that every Casino Tycoon must have a good hack. Just like we promised on the beginning of the article, this one does too.

For many players it can work as a butt-saver when they are down on coins, but for each its own. Use this universal coin generator as you see fit.

  1. Click on the link.
  2. Pick the game and enter your username.
  3. Choose how many coins you need.
  4. Complete human verification.

That’s it. Sometimes a certain coin tier may not work, so it’s not always the best to go for the biggest number.

And if there’s ever that you can’t get the coin generator to work, let us know. We’ll try to get a new one from the developers ASAP.