Chumba Casino: Is It REALLY a Good Casino for US Players?

Chumba Casino

You might not have heard about Chumba Casino yet.

And you’re missing out BIG.

Now here’s why:

There are almost no online casinos in the USA where you could win real money.

And then, you have Chumba Casino, where everyone from the USA and Canada can win real cash prizes.

No joke.

Interested? Then read this Chumba Casino review to find out more.

(or just go ahead and visit Chumba Casino)

Chumba Casino: What Is It, Actually?

Chumba Casino is a sweepstake casino that is legal in the USA.

100 percent.

Here you can play both for real money and for fun.

The casino features a wide selection of slot games and some card games like blackjack.

Sounds simple, right?

Then, let’s explore how you can win real money here.

Chumba Casino: Win Real Cash!

When you create a new account on this website, you can buy an in-game item called Sweeps Cash.

It’s really easy – you just need an identification document.

As soon as you buy some Sweeps Cash, play all you want – until it’s time to withdraw what you’ve won.

Just keep in mind that you must have at least $100 in your account to withdraw your winnings.

Don’t forget that this is only possible if you’re from Canada or the USA!

Oh, by the way –

After you create a new account here, you automatically receive a $2 bonus.


Playing for Fun at Chumba Casino

If you’re not in the mood to play for real money, try Chumba Casino’s Gold Coins.

You get lots of them for free with your account – 2,000,000 coins!

You can use them to play all of the games at the casino – and have lots of fun.

Those who want some more coins can always buy them – quite cheaply, too.

However, you don’t win real money when playing with Gold Coins.

How to Get Bonuses at Chumba Casino?

Here’s what you need to know if you’re planning on playing with Sweeps Cash – and winning money.

There are lots and lots of Sweeps Cash bonuses on the official Facebook page of Chumba Casino.

And it super easy to get some.

You’ll only need to write a comment answering a simple question. If your comment gets chosen by the casino staff, you receive some Sweeps Cash!

Just make sure to use your Chumba account when liking the Facebook page, or else you won’t be able to qualify.

Games at Chumba Casino

Even the biggest bonuses can’t lure me into a casino with sh*tty games.

Luckily, Chumba Casino is not included on the blacklist.

Even though it could have more games, the collection is quite decent in comparison to other casinos that are legal in the USA.

Now listen carefully – you won’t like Chumba Casino if you’re not a fan of slot machines.

There are plenty of them, for every taste – but I couldn’t say the same about other games.

Aside from slots, there’s only blackjack and Jacks or Better. I’ve played both of these games and they are superb, but that’s not nearly enough for classic casino game lovers.

So, all the games are displayed on the main page of the casino.

They are all fun, colorful, and feature beautiful soundtracks.

Just what I want from my slot machines.

If you’re having difficulty deciding what to play, try one of these games:

  • Chilli Mama’s
  • Lucky Charms
  • Fortunes of the Fae

All of these are unique to Chumba Casino – you won’t find these games anywhere else on the Internet!

Oh, and in case you have any problems, you can submit a request to the staff of the casino and get an answer straight to your email.

But, Is There a Mobile Chumba Casino Version?

You can play Chumba Casino games on your mobile phone – both for Sweeps Cash and Gold Coins.

Access the website with your Android or iPhone – and that’s it!

However, you can’t download Chumba Casino to your phone as there is no app available.

So, Should You Give It a Go?

Definitely, yes!

If you’re a fan of online gaming, you’ll have a great time here.

There are not that many social gaming sites in the USA, and not all of them are worth a visit.

However, Chumba Casino has it all: the thrill of real money gambling, the possibility to play for fun, and a decent selection of slot games.

Hurry up and join them NOW!


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