Clash Royale Hack and Cheats: Be Aware of Scams!

Clash Royale

Looking for Clash Royale Hack? Game cheats may be tempting but you should be aware of scams. Let me explain you why…

In a decade of reviewing games, I can only hope that I managed to stay straight and honest. I know how you guys love great game cheats (like the Cookie Clicker cheat I wrote about recently).

However, if there are no working cheats for a particular game, I do my best to set the record straight outright.

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The reason for this heartfelt opening is the recent explosion of fake hacks. Especially the hit game Clash Royale.

Note: You must be extremely careful when you use internet hacks. Most of them don’t work but for you, it may mean losing much more than a half an hour of your time.

Let’s take it one step at a time.

The Rise of the Fake

The sad truth is that the Internet has changed dramatically. It’s an experiment that got out of hand. It would seem like exposing lies was exactly what the Internet did best. But now no one knows who they can trust online.

Clash Royale character Which, paradoxically, made scamming people even easier.

You can fake being an authority.

You can buy followers and fake an audience.

You can fake the facts.

You can fake the news.

Nowadays almost half of the world’s population is connected to the Internet. Unfortunately, catching someone off guard is much easier than it may seem.

As an Internet user, you must always be careful whom do you trust your personal info with. Including online games.

How Can You Know If the Hack Will Work?

You can’t. You won’t. I’ve seen Clash Royale hacks online that have been edited to look 100% real.

That’s the whole point. Finding hacks or cheats online is not the problem.

What I can guarantee is that most hacks you will find won’t work. Maybe there is a hacker somewhere who managed to break the game. That’s possible.

But none of the methods that go viral actually work. Even though not all attempts to hack the game have started with malicious intent towards you, the user.

The bottom line is this, if you saw a working Clash Royale cheat, they definitely saw it too. If they did, they will patch the game, find and fix the discrepancies, and, as you’ll see next, punish those who use that hack.

Below I’ll show you the main types of hacks that have been doing rounds on the net.

How Clash Royale Online Hacks Work (or Don’t)

Clash Royale characters posterAs I said, not all cheats were initially created trying to trick you into giving away your personal information. Some are legit ways of gathering coins and gems, allowing you to grow your friends’ list, open chests, etc.

The problem is their short lifespan.

For example, not too long ago there was a cheat in Clash Royale, that allowed you to get anyone onto your friends’ list without their permission.

The hack lasted for about 48 hours until Clash Royale team dealt with it.

Keep in mind that by using this hack you were not actually scamming Clash Royale. You were only, let’s put it simply, trying to ass overcome a few roadblocks.

Maybe that’s why there were no repercussions against the players. If you want to grow your friends’ list, use the official thread (which is arguably just as easy to use as the hack itself).

Clash Royale: When Hacks Turn Against You

Personally, I’m not above using the hacks. I used to write down the cheat codes on a piece of paper when I was little, and I still occasionally use cheats today. Some levels are too damn hard!

But I would highly recommend using cheats only on single player games. The management of MMOs doesn’t take cheating lightly. EVER.

Clash Royale Hacks

You may be banned without a warning as a direct consequence of using some hacks.

It happened more than once. In 2015 World of Warcraft banned over 100,000 players for cheating. As well as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds did in January 2018.

And it happened in Clash Royale, too. There was a Clash Royale chest simulator that came out last year. You would download hacker’s software onto your phone where it would modify the game files.

Clash Royale Red King AngrySuddenly you would gain millions of coins and gems.

But not only it is extremely unsafe, but it’s also easy to detect. As a result, thousands of Clash Royale players were removed from the game.

Remember, you’re losing everything you have spent and accumulated in that virtual world. Is it worth the risk?

Especially when you know that these games (WOW, PUBG, Clash Royale) are worth billions! Do you think they don’t have state-of-the-art player tracking?

The last fake hack I want to talk about is my all-time favorite (as far as fake hacks go). It has been used over and over again on a dozen games. To be honest, I think that its versatility will be the reason why we will see this hack for long years ahead.

A Clash Royale Hack Without A Hack

Imagine coming across a Clash Royale hack generator that promises you 1 million coins and 1 million gems.

I bet you would be chuffed about it. And it appears to be working!

You opt in and watch the progress bar fill up. Fantastic! Until…

A Clash Royale Hack Without A HackOh, no! The process almost finished, but at 99 percent there was a malfunction.

Yeah, a malfunction. Really…

When you think about it, it’s a good trick. They make you go through this simple, but a believable process.

First, you fill in your game information.

Then, it allows you to pick how many coins and gems you desire.

Once you click ‘Next’, it may also ask you to prove you’re not a robot. Possibly, by filling out a survey.

When you’re done, you’ll see a full story about how your coins have been generated, how you’ve been connected to the server, etc.

Yet, the process fails when they need to complete user authentication.

While someone with experience could name three or four red flags during this hack, newbies fall for this trick all the time.

The good news is that you won’t get banned from the game as the hack is completely fake.

But it’s also dangerous. By changing the story, hackers could use this way to install spyware on your phone or computer. Which could end up in harassment via annoying ads or even in an identity theft?

Clash Royale bonus

The lesson?

‘Stay safe’ would probably be the simplest way of putting it. Online hacks don’t work. Not long-term, anyway. Embrace the challenge of growing your empire fairly.

It’s hard, but that’s what games are for!


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