Clumsy Ninja Game Review: What is it all about?

Clumsy Ninja

Heya, friendly fellow geeks. If you have been to the site before, you’ll know that I love playing mobile games. Especially Slots like Billionaire Casino  or House of Fun Casino .

Today is different. Today I’m returning with a very exciting game called the Clumsy Ninja Game. And you know what, I just can’t believe I missed 4 years of this game being out!

What is Clumsy Ninja About?

Clumsy NinjaDid you watch a lot of TV as a kid? If so, the title of Clumsy Ninja may bring up a very specific movie. Maybe even a clear image of a scene in that movie.

If nothing comes to mind, you’re probably younger than me.

For all of you young whippersnappers out there, I’m talking about Beverly Hills Ninja, 1997 movie starring Chris Farley aka ‘Chubby James Corden’.

The movie was awful, but chances are that’s the clumsy ninja you think about when you hear the title.

Luckily, the actual game is a lot different.

First of all, the Ninja you are about to train is as cute as a button. He’s not overconfident about his skills and is eager to learn.

NaturalMotionGames LtdAt first, it may appear that you have one job – to lead this Ninja to mastery. But spend some time and you’ll immediately see that’s the game is about so much more.

The game was developed by NaturalMotionGames Ltd and has accrued more than 17 million players (including 10 million downloads on Android).

Clumsy Ninja Gameplay

Clumsy Ninja gameplay has seemingly two modes: ‘I don’t get it’ and ‘I’m loving this’

Clumsy Ninja appAt first, you’re not really sure what you should be doing. The tooltips are confusing, and you quickly start to rethink your decision to download this game.

It’s not even clear who you are and why you’re here. You have a Ninja trainee standing in front of you, an old sensei-type character who’s helping you with Ninja training tasks. Based on things you can do my best guess is that you’re some sort of a Ninja God.

Here’s what’s important.

Once you get passed this stage and complete a couple of tasks from the Sensei, everything else becomes clear as day. You immediately know where to click and what to do next.

And that’s where the fun starts.

Three Basic Gameplay Rules:

  1. If you click on the Ninja, you will interact with that part of his body (head, tummy, arms, and legs).
  2. If you click and hold anywhere on the Ninja, you will be able to drag him around.
  3. If you click anywhere else in the surroundings, the Ninja will try to go there.

There are also some icons to look out for.


It’s hard to miss them but if you need any help, here goes.

The Sensei – bottom left corner there’s a Sensei icon. That’s where you get your next task.

The Shop – bottom right is the item shop.

Currency and Rewards

Two things to say here. The game is completely free. It’s fun and cute, and you can play it in your own pace. All you are doing is developing a friendship between your Clumsy Ninja and his friends.

Currency and RewardsThe game may feel a bit pushy in terms of wanting you to spend money on it. For example, training gear wear off after one training session. You’ll have to get a new one for the next one.

Plus, for free players 99% of the items are locked at first, so it may feel frustrating that you can’t get a better trampoline or a sturdier punching bag immediately.

Whether you decide to spend money on this game or not, you must be familiar with the currency used in Clumsy Ninja.


No, not the green, blue, red bills. Cash was a type of coins in China. In-game cash is used to purchase most of the training tools.


Gems act as a secondary currency in the game, mostly to speed up gear repairs.


Experience is also a sort of a currency in the game. At least in a form of a reward you get for completing tasks and helping your Clumsy Ninja to reach new mastery levels.

Are There Any Legit Clumsy Ninja Cheats?

As the game has such a library of thing to buy, the natural question is whether there are any Clumsy Ninja cheats you can use to generate coins.

The bad news is that currently no hack is working 100% of the time.

The good news is that the game runs offline, meaning that developing a working hack is not only possible, but very realistic. I’m working on one right now and will let you know as soon as it is working.

clumsy ninja fun

Is it worth it?

Clumsy Ninja game is like a modern-day Tamagotchi.

It feels silly, but you start caring about that little fella pretty damn fast. Be advised, you’ll want to come back to your Ninja frequently.


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