Cookie Clicker Hacked in Three Easy Steps + Cheats

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Are you looking for ways how to get Cookie Clicker hacked? You’re in the right place. Or not. Only one way to find out.

Here at Digital Video Gamer, I try to review all kinds of games from Casino Slots to classic games that have gained fans across the world.

If you like simple games, check this out. It’s a cracker. Sorry, I had to.

cc earning start

Anyway, here’s 2018’s Cookie Clicker guide including real strategies as well as the easiest cheats you will ever encounter.

If you’re here just for the hacks, feel free to skip ahead to the end of this guide where I explain the simple, yet most powerful hack on Cookie Clicker.

In the meantime, I want to briefly introduce Cookie Clicker to brand new players. I’ve even got some strategies on how to play well (fairly).

Cookie Clicker: The Original Idle Game

Cookie Clicker, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the game, is a simple, free, indie game developed by a French programmer Julien “Orteil” Thiennot.

In a few months the game became the next Flappy Birds. Despite being a few years old, Cookie Clicker still has millions of fans around the world with forums and Discord channels. If you end up liking this game, join one of the amazing Cookie Clicker communities and discover new challenges.

Cookie Clicker is a browser game, although there are now hundreds of copycat games on Android and iOS app stores. However, I recommend playing the browser version only. First, you support the original developers rather than helping copycats.

Besides, mobile versions are filled with ads and in-app purchases anyway.

Lastly, there is something very satisfying about glancing at your browser tab once in a while and watching the numbers explode.


The start of the game is a bit tricky, not to mention slow. Here are a few strategies you should be employing to maximize the growth of your cookie empire.

Follow my tips and you’ll be rolling in dough.

Don’t like Cookie Clicker Cheats? Check out the Best Honest Strategies

The first (the only) problem you will want to solve is the best growth tactic. Should you go for new methods as quickly as possible or multiply what you already have?

Let’s say you check Cookie Clicker in the morning and see 100,000 cookies.

Is it best to spend all of it on Mines or wait and get 130,000 Factory.

Calculating math would be easy if the methods wouldn’t get more expensive with every purchase.

Let’s do the calculations for the first few upgrades.

A Grandma (100 cookies for first) yields ONE cookie per second. But if you buy 10 Grandmas, you have essentially paid 3,500 for 10 cookies per second.

But the Farm, the next upgrade on the list, costs 500 and yields 8 cookies per second.

Clearly, maximizing on the Grandmas would be a bad strategy. However, it may be worth purchasing a couple for faster growth the beginning.

To grow your cookie bank faster, the right strategy is to always go for the next upgrade. Especially, if you take a more of a passive approach to Cookie Clicker.

But then again, you have upgrades that can double the cookie making efficiency. And that’s where the math starts to get tricky.

grandmas upgrade

Also, don’t forget to optimize your hunt for the almost 400 achievements that are available. They will help you to unlock new upgrades and earn even more cookies.

However, I know that many of you will occasionally get frustrated with the game. I did. Numerous of times.

Cookie Clicker Hack – Win the Game Easy

I’m sure all those Cookie Clicker cheats suck the fun out of the actual game (even the game reminds you of that).

I am also ready to acknowledge that we sometimes use cheats just to know they work. Which is weird but absolutely true.

So, let’s assume you’re running an experiment. In that case, using a Cookie Clicker hacked version would be easier, right? Here, I’ll show you how to use cheats.

  1. Press F12. You will open the console.
  1. Type ‘Allow pasting’, if you prefer pasting commands rather than typing them yourself.
  1. Type in the appropriate command you would like to perform.

cc cookiesearned

For example, Game.cookiesEarned would show you how many cookies you’ve earned throughout the game.

Game.CookiesP would show you how many cookies you earn per second.

cc cokiesPs

Luckily, you can set your own values. Just add =number at the end of the command.

For example, if you type Game.CookiesPs =300, the cookies will grow at 300 units per second.

cc cookies ps =300

cookies 300 psGranted, it’s only for a couple of seconds. After the rate drops to the original. Still, you can set it to ANY number you want.

As you see, this cheat works like a charm.

In fact, once you start typing, you’ll find dozens of commands which you can use. Spend some time and explore different commands. It’s quite fun.

Can You Hack the Cookie Clicker On Mobile?

Unfortunately, no.

Cookie Clicker was created as a simple browser game. The developers have put up their PayPal for donations but that’s the extend of the browser version ads.

The copies of Cookie Clicker you find on the mobile like Cookie Clicker 2, Pizza Clicker, etc. have been developed for profit. That’s why their apps are much more secured from being hacked.

I personally recommend staying off those mobile Clickers. Though, if you want to carry Cookie Clicker with you, go ahead and try some.


That’s it.

As promised, the game is supper fun and addictive, while the cheat is incredibly easy to use. If you have any comments or discover an interesting game command, let me know.

And if you ever want a race to the first quintillion cookies, I’m all for it.


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