Deluxe Slots: Play Free Slots (GUARANTEED METHOD)

deluxe slots free slots

Cracking the methods that casinos use to nurture their business is not hard. At least, once you’ve played at a few casinos. Once you have this knowledge, you have amazing power to counter casino’s methods to benefit you.

That’s what we want to give you today. We’ll show you how you can get 40 million coins to play Deluxe Slots free slots without needing to make deposits.

The best part of it is that this method is guaranteed and repeatable. Use it whenever you need a boost.

Deluxe Slots: Free Slots, No Sweat, No Deposit

You start with 20 million coins.

Deluxe Slots home

First steps to maximize your bankroll potential is to connect your Deluxe Slots account to your email, and Facebook and claim an hourly bonus. That’s an extra 4 million coins.

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Also, you will spin a bonus wheel. Day 1 multiplier is x1, but return to Deluxe Slots every day and boost your daily bonus up to five times (3 million turns into 15 million!).

Deluxe Slots daily bonus

With your inbox bonus, you should be somewhere close 30 million coins.

Deluxe Slots Free Reward

After a good start, we can make your bankroll even bigger. Check one of our bonus offers below. While the bonuses change, every week there is at least one bonus worth $10 million free coins.

Play Deluxe Slots FREE Slots – No Deposit

By the way, sometimes these bonus offers expire. If you catch one of these moments, please let us know and we will get a new bonus from the Deluxe Slots.

40 million coins now, even without play. Pretty good. But now it’s time to play the scratch cards. Top prize here is 30 million. But even smaller prizes provide good boosts. Plus, you can always get another scratch card go by watching a short video ad.

Deluxe Slots Scratch Cards

Here’s the most important tip to play Deluxe Slots free slots without running out of coins. There will be times when Deluxe Slots will offer to double your winnings for watching an ad. It’s worth the trouble. Especially when we are talking about huge level up prizes and jackpot wins.

level up extra bonus

But there will also be game features that allow you to double up. After every win, you will have an option to spin a roulette wheel.

You can choose between black and red to double your win, or choose between spades, clubs, diamonds, and hearts to 4x your win. It’s OK to risk smaller wins, but don’t put your larger wins to the test.

Also, don’t be intimidated by the VIP room. You can easily be a VIP. There is a wide range of benefits you can get in the VIP room. Unfortunately, VIP games will be unlocked as you increase your player level.


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