DoubleHit – Guide to Free Coins (100% working)

double hit casino app

One thing we can all agree as casino players is that there is never enough coins. Winning a jackpot takes so long!

I’ve actually never won one. I had big scores, and I love progressive jackpots, but I’ve never won a progressive jackpot.

But I’m ready to keep trying. First, what a screenshot that would be, huh? And second, I love analyzing strategies how to get the most free coins out of a casino.

So, if you want endless DoubleHit Free Coins, here is what you should do.

Bonus after Bonus

Let’s start with the obvious. Every casino, including DoubleHit, uses an incentive-based rewards program. The more you come back, the better the rewards get.

DoubleHit Casino home spin multiplier

At DoubleHit, the system uniquely relies on friends you have connected to your app. Maximizing their rewards you can claim over 300,000 coins every day.

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Double the Win

DoubleHit often offers to double your win if you watch an ad. Click it. While you wait, you can make yourself a cheese sandwich, call a long-lost friend, go pee, whatever.

Watching ads may be annoying but the return is incredible.

Snakes and Ladders

DoubleHit Casino snakes and ladders

I created a new DoubleHit Casino player account to show you the incredible perks of Snakes and Ladders even from the first day.

As you see, every day you get one free roll. The first jackpot is not spectacular. When you reach the finish for the 3rd time, or 5th, or 10th, you’ll be amazed how much higher these bonuses go.

Look for outside help

There are two…no, wait, three sources where I go for new bonuses and free gifts.

  1. DoubleHit Casino social media is the place to find new bonuses and new friends. New friends later contribute to you getting bigger bonuses.
  2. Here you can get 5 million in free coins. The only downside is that such bonuses have short life-spans. I do my best to update the page as often as I can. I won’t lie, there are days when I miss a bonus expiration. If that happens, sorry in advance. This page.
  3. My own social media. Double Casino app frequently rewards players like you and me when we invite our friends to play. So, it’s really worth the effort to get on your Facebook and send invites.

The benefits are not ‘one-time’. After you have connected with your friends on the app, every day you will an additional bonus upon login.

Plus, you will also be able to exchange gifts among yourselves. Check your DoubleCasino app for more info.

Bonus: Progressive jackpots

DoubleHit Casino

Here you will find 7 slots with one or more progressive jackpots. I know I said I keep trying to win one, but here’s the thing.

You shouldn’t.

Not until you have a healthy bankroll, stay away from progressive jackpots.

I didn’t know how volatile they were at first. Before I realized it, half of my bankroll was gone. I know the temptation, but, trust me on this one, while you’re low i.e. don’t have 50 million bankroll, don’t play progressive jackpots.


Good luck. And if you ever need a coin bonus, let me know.