Elvenar Cheats: Tips and APK Hack for Unlimited Coins / Diamonds

Elvenar Cheats

If you just started to play the Elvenar game, I am sure you are looking for some good Elvenar cheats to progress in the game and prosper without the need to attack your wallet.

Actually, you don’t have to be a beginner to be on the lookout for things like free diamonds and Elvenar hack cheats. Pro and experienced players are always trying to find ways to improve their games, and cheats for Elvenar are sure one of the most effective ways to do so.

When they work, of course.

In this guide to the top Elvenar hack tool and the cheats to get unlimited diamonds, I will try to show you the way and help you do exactly what you wanted when you landed on this article.

What Is Elvenar?

Before we dwell into the (sometimes complicated) world of Elvenar game cheats, let’s take a step back to look at what this game is. If you are a pro player, skip this section.

If you just discovered the Elvenar game for Android and iOS, do keep reading. I have some valuable information for you.

Elvenar is one of the most popular city-building games you can play in 2018. It’s fun, it’s free, and – which to some might come as a relief – there’s no fighting involved.

You interact with other players like in most social games but – you don’t need to kill them.

Personally, I like that. I have been a longtime Ogame player and I know how frustrating it is to play, develop, grow…and then become someone’s target. In Elvenar this doesn’t happen. And it’s a good thing.

Unless you want to play games like Age of Empires or Civilization, you might like this peaceful aspect of Elvenar, too. Especially when you know you can use an Elvenar hack (with no survey) and not damage a single player!

Elvenar Diamonds and Coins Generator

Now, to the hardcore stuff. Before I give you some actionable tips on how to play Elvenar, I want to share with you the Elvenar generator that gets you unlimited diamonds and coins for free.

I am told this works better than the cheat codes and the mod apk, so I am dropping the link here. According to what I found on the developers’ website – the cheats on Android and iOS work flawlessly.


Now, to the best tips you need to know if you want to really become good at Elvenar.

Elves or Humans: What’s Best?

Neither of them. Or both of them. you choose. When you play Elvenar, this choice doesn’t change anything.

Really – not a single thing.

Sure, the empires will look differently and so will the game. But – is any of the two a better choice to make? Nah.

It’s only about the game’s design. There’s not a ‘right choice’ to make here so the only tip I can give you is: choose what you prefer and do not overthink this part.

Build a Future-Proof Empire

Ok, now – this is important.

If you care about your Elvenar empire – and I assume that’s why you are here  – you need to make sure that you:

  • Always have resources coming in
  • You have all the buildings you need

That’s why your goal is important. Make sure you always keep it in mind when you build or upgrade something.

Your goal needs to be always one: to complete your mission.

Keep this in mind every time you need to make a choice, and you’ll be good. What a life-lesson, right?

Hardcore Gamer? Read Here!

If you get hooked and you really like the game…you’ll outpace it.

You will have some buildings already in place before you actually need and resources will pile up before you can use them.

That’s fine!

Keep creating new buildings when you can and don’t forget to invest in culture buildings! The culture bonus is a great help to progress in the game and it will allow progressing through the different levels of the game very smoothly.

Remember this, though:

It’s fun to build new buildings – but you need to make sure you also upgrade all the ones you have already. The building upgrades on Elvenar are expensive and take a lot of time to complete. But they also produce a lot more resources and trains troops much faster!

Should You Join a Fellowship?

As a new player, you might ask yourself if joining a fellowship is something you should do on Elvenar.

The answer is a sound yes.

Joining a fellowship gives you the right to trade resources with players who are in the same network without paying an extra fee – and that’s great.

That’s why you should focus on the bigger fellowships. The more members they have, the more chances you will get!

Did You Try the Generator, Yet?

Remember: if you want to get unlimited coins and diamonds to speed up things, use the free Elvenar generator hack on this page and enjoy your progress!


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