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Fafafa Slots Casino Review Free Coins

Fafafa Slots appFafafa Slots is a highly-rated, professional grade social casino online. It’s brought to you by Aristocrat Games, a popular worldwide casino game developer. The casino has grown a lot recently, so there’s been a lot of talk about Product Madness’s Fafafa Slots.

In this Fafafa Slots review I’ll provide my honest opinion about this social casino and show you how to get lots of free coins for your first start.

First Impression on Fafafa Slots

First Impression on Fafafa SlotsFafafa Slots is all (or a lot) about Far East. So, you can expect lots of Koi fish, fierce princesses, and lots of dragon-themed games. I like the style and intensity of the casino. Coupled with a pleasant soundtrack running while you’re browsing the lobby, it’s a great experience.

However, some animations and graphics sometimes take a little too long. Starting with the daily fortune wheel. But that’s something you get used to pretty quickly.

Like anywhere else, there is a level-based system where you try to reach the highest tiers in order to play the biggest and most expensive Slots Machines. But at Fafafa Slots, levels pass much quicker compared to other casinos. I think for reaching level 3 I only needed 5 or 6 spins. Later the levels slow down, of course, but remain relatively easy to achieve.

By the way, levels don’t seem to relate to your bet size. Only how many spins you make.

And Fafafa Slots like to reward you. Every time you level up you get a small gift. Also, every couple of hours you also get coin bonuses.

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Fafafa Slots for Mobile

Fafafa Slots for MobileTry Fafafa slots on your mobile through Android and iOS apps. Both received top rating in their own app stores and the feedback from the players is very positive.

Important to note, most Fafafa Slots are unlocked at the start of the game. Some casinos only allow access to one game at a time when you level up. Here you can play almost every game there is at the casino. However, higher betting levels are locked and, depending on a specific game, will unlock at different levels.

There is a High Roller room that’s completely out of bounds for you at the beginning. To enter, you need to be level 10. There are some amazing progressive jackpot games to play but I highly recommend entering the High Stakes room only when you reach a bankroll of 50 million or more.

Fafafa Slots has seven super high stakes Slot machines.

Lastly, Fafafa Slots is quite generous with free coins they give out. But remember, it is a game of luck. You may and will experience losing periods. Start at the lowest stakes and go up slowly. You may want to get to those 1 million per spin jackpot slots as ASAP but give it time.

But not everything at Fafafa Slots is perfect.

First, every game has to be downloaded. Sometimes it may take a while. Plus, there aren’t that much slots to begin with. There’s less than 100 games at the moment but Fafafa Slots introduce new games once a month.

I also must mention that while Fafafa Slots is a fantastic place to play Slots, it’s not an all-in-one casino. You won’t find Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat or other classic casino table games.

Fafafa Slots for PC

You can play Fafafa Slots on PC in two different ways. You can log-in through Facebook or through an Android Emulator like Andy, BlueStacks, etc.

Even if you play straight though Facebook, you don’t lose out on any free coins. Graphics are great even on larger screens, so if you like playing on PC, the experience is just is just as great as on a mobile. Maybe even better.

In the next part I will show you everything about Fafafa Slots free coins. But here’s a great tip I learned recently. If you play on your PC, connect your account to your smartphone. The game synchronizes perfectly, and you catch all the free coins.

Fafafa Slots free coins: Tips and Tricks

Fafafa Slots free coinsLike any business, Fafafa needs to make money. So, you will see a reasonable number of ads and pop-ups with coin deals and big discount packages.

The truth is, Fafafa gives away plenty of free coins you can collect and play without any need to buy more.

And they give you a nice head start. If you want to play completely free, look out for every opportunity to grow your bankroll.

Take the cash bonus at the beginning. Your starting bankroll is 5 million coins but when you join, you also get to spin a Fortune wheel for an additional, up to 10-million-coin bonus.

Don’t forget to connect your Facebook account.

2,000,000 of Fafafa Slots free coins will reach your bankroll immediately. Plus, you’ll always have your friends around to share coins with. Also, two-hour gifts with free coins, level-up prizes will keep a steady supply of those chips coming your way.

Don’t play high stakes! Not yet. Even if you build a bankroll of 15 million coins, it will disappear into thin air if you play too high. In fact, once you join, minimize your bet per spin. It’s better to start slow rather than chase a momentary jackpot win.

Should You Play at Fafafa Slots?

I hope you found this Fafafa Slots review useful. If you need any more info, please contact me.

Fafafa Slots stands out because of the professional background. Aristocrat slots are featured in virtually every top casino in the world. Even if the name says nothing to you, you can be sure that you play highest quality Las Vegas and Macau-style slot games.

In the end, it’s a very pleasant, Asian-style casino with many unlocked games and fast level-ups. If you’re looking for a casino, Fafafa Slots is definitely worth a shot.


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