Fireboy and Watergirl Ice Temple: Opposites Attract

fireboy and watergirl ice temple

Fireboy and Watergirl Ice Temple is a game that will appeal to fans of 2D platform games.

The excitement levels are high, and you’ll need to have your wits about you to navigate through each level. In this guide to the game we’ll tell you how to play it and where you can play it.

Ice Temple Fireboy and Watergirl game

As 2D platform games go, this is pretty exciting. You start at the bottom of the screen in Fireboy and Watergirl Ice Tempe.

The aim is to reach the top of the screen with both characters. It sounds simple enough, but there are plenty of dangers along the way.

What you must remember at all times is that fire and water don’t mix. This means you must keep Fireboy and Watergirl away from each other. If they touch, the game ends.

Another thing which both characters need to avoid is the black goo. This will kill either of them. Pits of water should be avoided by Fireboy and pits of fire should be avoided by Watergirl.

The two characters will need to co-operate to make it to the end of the level. There are levers and buttons which operate moving platforms.

Sometimes one must stand on a button while the other advances on a moving platform.

There are blue and red diamonds that Watergirl and Fireboy can collect along the way for extra points. Fireboy and Watergirl Ice Temple is a game of strategy and you must think before you act.

When both Fireboy and Watergirl make it to the top of the screen, you will see two doors.

Each door has a picture of one of the two characters on it. Stand in front of the door to go through it. Once Watergirl and Fireboy pass through their doors, you can advance to the next level.

The levels become more challenging as you progress. There are new hazards and pitfalls with every new level.

This means Fireboy and Watergirl Ice Temple continues to challenge you as you continue to play. Thus, it’s a great game for fans of problem solving.

Controls for Fireboy and Watergirl Ice Temple

In Fireboy and Watergirl Ice Temple you have to navigate two characters through each level. You can choose to move both of them yourself or you can play with a friend and control one character each.

The controls for Fireboy are:

  • Left – left arrow keyice temple fireboy and watergirl
  • Right – right arrow key
  • Jump – up arrow key

The controls for Watergirl are:

  • Left – A
  • Right – D
  • Jump – W

Remember that fire and water don’t mix!

Where can you play Fireboy and Watergirl Ice Temple?

This exciting game can be played at a number of places online. Some sites will require you to download the game to be able to play it.

The majority of sites have Fireboy and Watergirl Ice Temple available as an instant play flash version.