Football Legends Game: Time to Use Your Football Skills

football legends

Football games are always popular. They might become even more popular during events such as the World Cup.

Yet, fans of the sport always like video game versions of it. Football Legends is one such game.

It’s action packed and there are a variety of different ways you can play, including creating a legends football league.

In this Football Legends game guide you’ll find out how to play this amazing game.

Are you ready for Football Legends?

Some people were born to play football. They have the skill and the brain to be an amazing player. At the same time, they possess an ability to make it all look so effortless.

And there are those among us who were born to watch these people. We might have tried to be players, but we never really cut it.

Now you can stand shoulder to shoulder with the greats thanks to Football Legends, regardless of your real-life football ability.

In Football Legends you’ll find some of the world’s greatest teams and the world’s greatest players.

Some of them are the ones you’ll recognise and some might be unfamiliar. The names of the teams are presented by nickname only, but there’s no mistaking who they are or who they are meant to be.

Some of the club crests have been changed too. It’s very subtle. The players are easily identifiable.

The names may have been changed in some cases, but the caricatures make it very obvious who they all are.

The aim of the game is simple

You choose a player and are pitted against another player in a one on one match. You both stand facing each other in an arena and there is a goal at either end.

The goal is elevated from the main playing area. The objective of the game, as always in football, is to score more goals than your opponent.

You control your football legend using the keyboard and there are a number of moves you can make.

You can move your chosen player left or right or jump up and down. There is a button to shoot with and a button for a supershot.

With a supershot flames will come off the ball and it is a shot of great power. If your opponent is standing on the goal line, a supershot can be enough to knock them into the back of the net.

There are certain combinations and tricks you’ll learn along the way. As with all football games, there are various ways to show your skills and do amazing things in Football Legends.

Got 90 seconds to go

The ball is never out of play and it will ricochet off the walls behind the goal to keep the match going.

Be careful if you’re standing near your goal when the ball bounces back, as you can score an own goal all too.

As we all know, a football match lasts for 90 minutes, but in Football Legends it’s 90 seconds.

There’s a brief break for half time at 45 seconds, but the players don’t switch ends for the second half.

The graphics are great and when you score a goal your player celebrates wildly. The opposing player will burst out crying.

There are no pesky rules, such as offside or handball, to worry about and pretty much anything goes.

Football Legends is one of the most exciting, fun, and addictive football games out there.

Single or multiplayer, match or tournament

legends football leagueThere are a number of different ways you can play Football Legends.

You can choose a single player game where you play against the game itself.

Your opponents will often be especially good in this case and you’ll learn the hard way how challenging the game can be.

There’s no better way for you to improve your footballing skills. In the absence of a real-life opponent this is a great way to play.


You can play one against one with another real player. This can either be a friend or a randomly chosen opponent.

You can also choose to play two against two, or if you’re really good, two against one. When you’re used to one on one games, the addition of extra players makes the arena look a little crowded.

The action is a lot faster paced too and the excitement levels are much increased.

As well as the number of players, you can also choose which way you want to play. The first option is to play a single match.

This can be chosen against a known opponent or a random opponent.

Play in tournament

There is also the option to play in a tournament. You will start in a last 16 match and then hopefully advance to the quarter finals, semi finals, and ultimately the final.

There is a third place playoff match for losing semi finalists. The tournament option is available in one against one, one against two, and two against two options.

The tournament play option is the closest option to creating a legends football league. It’s great played with friends.

It’s a way to earn bragging rights and find out who the best player is. If you just wish to go it alone, you can play against the computer or randomly chosen opponents in a tournament.

Where to play Football Legends

football legends gameThere are a number of places where you can play Football Legends online.

Any site which hosts games and has Football Legends as part of its library is great to use for playing the game.

At some sites you’ll need to register to play and at others you can play without registering.

There is also a Football Legends app for Android and iOS devices.

The app is free to download and can be found at most app stores where you usually get your games.

The game works great on a small screen. The advantage of the mobile version is that you can play it absolutely anywhere.