GET FREE WSOP CHIPS: Immediate 415K Free Chips Mega Bonus

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The World Series of Poker app (aka. PlayWSOP) is a fantastic game, especially because you can get unlimited WSOP free chips to play Texas hold’em and Omaha poker games online.

wsop chips

Use this article to get:

  • 15,000 WSOP free chips on the house
  • The WSOP mega bonus
  • WSOP promo codes that work
  • Hourly WSOP Free Chips Bonus

I am going to cover everything  and help you in the best way I can.

This is going to be a long article – but it’s also your best shot at unlimited free chips to play on the WSOP poker app.

Let’s get started:

WSOP Free Chips: The 15,000 Free Chips Hack

Since people are always on the lookout for hacks to get WSOP free chips, I decided to share a little trick that get you an immediate mega bonus of 15,000 free chips to play any games on the WSOP poker app.

Back in January, PlayWSOP launched a campaign to give 15,000 free chips to all new players.

It was a blast.

Tens of thousands signed up con contributed to make Play WSOP the most popular online poker app on the app store.

world series of poker chips

Do you know what’s funny? Although they don’t advertise that on their site, the 15,000 free chips promotion is still available at this page.

You don’t need any WSOP promo code to access it, simply use the link above (or the button, if you prefer those flashy things) and the 15,000 free World Series of Poker chips are yours.

ATTENTION: This is an immediate bonus for all the games featured in the WSOP poker app. Get your free chips now.

For the time being, WSOP Play features only Texas hold’em and Omaha poker games – even if more poker variants are supposed to get on the app very soon.


WSOP Play is an app created by Playtika, the biggest name in social gaming right now. Based in Israel, Playtika is a true giant owned – amongst others – by China’s Alibaba.

This is to say that when they promise…

…they deliver.

WSOP Mega Bonus: Full Walkthrough

The Free Chips Mega Bonus is by far your best shot at buckets of WSOP free chips if you don’t want to go the (perverse) codes route.

This mega bonus allows you to get up to 400,000 free WSOP chips. All the free chips are released immediately and can be used on all games.

Here’s how to access the WSOP poker Mega Bonus:

First, you need to open an account at Play WSOP, the WSOP poker app, through this special page.

world series of poker free chips

Like I said earlier, this free chips mega bonus is part of a package that is no longer publicly advertised on the WSOP poker platform.

So, click here to get started (no worries, the page opens on a different tab!)

Go on and create your account. As soon as everything is set, you can come back to this article and continue reading.

Done? Good. Let’s continue.

Now that we are ready to go, launch the game and click on the button you see I circled in red in the image below.

This button triggers the mega bonus feature.

wsop free mega bonus

Here’s where you need luck to be on your side. The WSOP Mega Bonus is a wheel-of-fortune kind of game where you always win.

The amount of free chips you can win depends on your in-game status. Since you just started, I am assuming you are at the Bronze Level, meaning you can win from a minimum of 30,000 free WSOP chips up to a maximum of 400,000 free chips.

Not bad, right?

So, let’s spin this wheel!

wsop poker chips

Done. As soon as the wheel stops, the mega bonus is yours and the free chips are added to your bankroll immediately.

wsop bonus chips

Want to Grow Your WSOP Mega Bonus? Check Out My Pro Tips!

I am an avid poker player, so I am always in the lookout for ways to get lots of money and free chips to play the games I love.

If you are patient enough, you can easily double (or triple) the free chips of your WSOP Mega Bonus.

Whenever I trigger a mega bonus, I head right away to the mid-stakes ring games on the platform.


Because this is where the fish (aka. the bad players) are.

The min-stake games are full of people who play random poker, so I don’t bother playing there. They are just too unpredictable and crazy.

At the mid-stakes, however, you find lots of beginners who are trying to get better at poker and who are not yet confident enough to play at the top tables.

That’s where you want to hit. And you want to hit hard.

As soon as you earn your WSOP Mega Bonus, go straight to those tables and play as much as you can. Once, I doubled a 300,000 chips bankroll in less than an hour!

WSOP App Promo Codes

Here’s where the controversy begins. I hate promo codes.

This is not to say that I am against the promo codes for the WSOP poker app – it’s a personal problem I have with bonus and promo codes in general.

Promo codes are freaking annoying.

Eight times out of ten they are wrong, they have expired, or they were linked to a time-limited offer no one bothered to delete.

I used to rely on the WSOP Play promo codes at GamesHunter to get my dose of WSOP free chips – but they have SO MANY BUGS that I don’t go there anymore.

It’s a waste of time.

However, if you are really interested on the WSOP promo codes to get bonus chips for the Play WSOP app, you can try the updated list below.

I am not 100% sure these are all still active but these are the only promo codes that worked for me to get free chips at the WSOP Poker app.

WSOP Poker Free Chips Bonus

55,000 Free Chips

WSOP Poker Free Chips Bonus

5,000 Free Chips

WSOP Poker Free Chips Bonus

75,000 Free Chips

WSOP Poker Free Chips Bonus

122,000 Free Chips

WSOP Poker Free Chips Bonus

90,000 Free Chips

WSOP Poker Free Chips Bonus

100,000 Free Chips

WSOP Poker Free Chips Bonus

1,000,000 Free Chips

WSOP Poker Free Chips Bonus

750 Free Chips

WSOP Poker Free Chips Bonus

15,000 Free Chips

WSOP Poker Free Chips Bonus

12,500 Free Chips

WSOP Poker Free Chips Bonus

27,000 Free Chips

WSOP Poker Free Chips Bonus

800 Free Chips

WSOP Poker Free Chips Bonus

250,000 Free Chips

WSOP Poker Free Chips Bonus

35,000 Free Chips

WSOP Poker Free Chips Bonus

25,000 Free Chips

WSOP Poker Free Chips Bonus

200,000 Free Chips

WSOP Poker Free Chips Bonus

85,000 Free Chips

WSOP Poker Free Chips Bonus

550,000 Free Chips

WSOP Poker Free Chips Bonus

130,000 Free Chips

WSOP Poker Free Chips Bonus

6,000 Free Chips

WSOP Poker Free Chips Bonus

100 Free Chips

How to Get Unlimited WSOP Free Chips

Last, but not least, let me show you how to get UNLIMITED FREE CHIPS for the WSOP Poker app.
Unlimited free chips at PlayWSOP
This comes as the last bit of the article because, again, the hourly bonus does not require a free chips code but comes as part of the 15,000 no deposit bonus.

IMPORTANT: If you didn’t do it yet, opt-in from this page to get a new account + the unlimited free chips bonus package!

To get unlimited free chips, you need to use a feature called “the hourly bonus.

This hidden feature of the Play WSOP poker app lets you refill your bankroll with free chips every four hours, provided you follow these instructions:

  • You have opened your account through this special page
  • You tap on the WSOP poker app at least once every four hours

This simple two-step process is all you need.

You don’t actually need to play to get the WSOP free chips, you only need to launch the app and claim the bonus.

Beyond Free WSOP Chips: Is WSOP Play a Good Poker App?

Now that you know you’ll never need to spend money to play at PlayWSOP, it’s time we answer to a very last question:

Is the World Series of Poker app good?

Let me tell you this: it’s the best.

If you like poker, there’s nothing like it. The WSOP Poker app PlayWSOP is the only one that lets US players play legally with an international field – and this is FUN.

I love poker, and I love to play with people from different places because I love to exploit their style and adjust my strategy according to where they are.

Also, there are a lot of weak players – especially at the mid-stakes games – and this is a plus for when you decide you want to try something new and master new poker strategies.

All in all, PlayWSOP is a must-have app. If you love poker, this is where you are going to spend most of your time. If you are not a poker player (yet), give it a shot – it might change your perception of the game forever!



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