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Do you know that feeling of excitement when you open the door to a casino? It’s like no other place. All those vibrant colors and high-pitched ‘cha-chings’. Full of opportunity to win real cash.

Full House Casino is very much like a casino you would visit in the biggest gambling cities. Full House is buzzing. So much so, your head may spin a bit.

Well, I’m all for playing free games and against any head-spinning. That’s why today I will uncover everything you must know to play at Full House Casino.

I’ll include a brief introduction and head straight to the business.

But if you can’t wait for juicy free coin tips, here’s a coin hack you can use to get 500,000 free coins.

Welcome to the Full House Casino

As I mentioned, Full House Casino is noisy. There’s a lot to do, including playing slots, table games, and Bingo.

Also, while I never do this, I highly recommend linking your Facebook account to your full House Casino account. If you are looking for a SOCIAL casino, this is as good as it gets. Other casinos push you to connect your Facebook account but offer almost nothing in return. Your benefits are often a one-time bonus and tiny gift sharing between you and your friends.

At this 500,000 5-star rating, 5 million-player casino, you get to play with your friends. Actually, sit down at different games and compete against each other. Of course, one-time bonus and gift sharing are also options.

At Full House Casino you start with 10,000 coins but during your first day you can multiply your starting bankroll several times.

Full House Casino Spin Bonus

For example, every new player can get a million free coins in a course of the next several days.

Full House Casino daily bonus

Games are fun, but to win, you must know when and what to play. Let’s go over the games here.

Table games

If anything, tables games at the Full House Casino are just like these games at a Las Vegas casino. And that’s not necessarily a good thing. The house edge will often kill any profits from bonuses or slots games.

However, you can play these games with a bunch of friends and strangers.

If that’s what you enjoy, check out social Blackjack, social Roulette, social Poker, social Sic Bo, social Baccarat, and more.

Full House Casino blackjack

There are also variations of games as well as Social Bingo.

Let’s talk about Bingo, because it’s not only fun, but also much more profitable (or at least less risky) than other table games. You can compete against other players from around the world in social rankings as well as special tournaments.

Here I’m in the second place after a single Bingo win on a previous card:

Full House Casino Bingo


Anyone who has played poker will know that it’s not like other casino games. In poker you play against other players, not the house. So, despite the luck element of the game, skill will prevail in the long run.

In the short run, however, winning becomes quite tricky. There’s a simple reason for it. If you are new to the Full House Casino, and would like to play free, you won’t have millions of coins to waste. The same cannot be said about some of the other players you will encounter at the Texas Hold’em tables.

A tight strategy, complete focus, and patience are key when playing against opponents who have no regard to their own bankroll limits. But it can also be pretty rewarding.


At the full House Casino over 60 premium slots await you. And if you play enough, you will be able to enter the Paradise City, Full House’s own VIP room.

Full House Casino Lobby

Some games here are classic slot machines with one or two paylines. Others will be the Las Vegas slot machines, full of spark and features.

No matter how fun slots are, you must be very careful. Just because you had massive success on a slot yesterday, does not mean that it will happen today.

Usually casino slots are not the best producers of free chips, but at least they often pay back what you put in. Must try slot machine: Magnet Respin.

To play any other casino game, you will need free coins. Tournaments are one way to get them.

Free slot tournaments

Actually, every game has its tournament here. As you see, each is sorted by game and its prizepool. Even as a beginner, there are plenty of tournaments to enter.

Full House Casino Tournaments

But don’t just jump into the tournament.

Notice the player count and the timer until the end of the tournament. Slots tournaments usually have the most players, while Bingo and Sic Bo have the least. Though, the time of day here also plays a big role.

Best advice is to experiment with a couple of games and see how you do. But keep in mind that in tournaments you will go through a lot of coins for the potential of the prizepool. If you are not sure about a game, don’t enter the tournament.

Full House Casino Free Coins Hack

If your experience will be anything like mine, the Full House Casino will be a fun, but also a rocky journey. That’s why I want to leave you with this – a Full House Casino hack.

Whenever Gotham was in distress, the city would flash the ‘Bat Signal’. Whenever your bankroll is low, you can use this coin hack to make up to two million coins every time. Using the hack more than three times a day is not recommended.

The way it works is very simple. You enter your username (your guest account should work as well). Pick the platform you registered on, coins (there may be also be Beta tests),and complete the human verification process.

Then go back to the game and use your free coins. It’s better than your local real casino.


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