Gardenscapes: Mansion Makeover

GardenScapes Mansion Makeover

Gardenscapes: Mansion Makeover is the latest episode of the hugely popular Gardenscapes series.

With Gardenscapes: Mansion Makeover, Playrix brings back your favorite characters with a new set of challenges.

If you haven’t played Gardenscapes, it was a match-3 game where your goal was to restore an old Mansion garden.

In order to purchase new objects and upgrades, you had to complete various missions in a match-3 game.

The game also stood out for its witty humor, its characters (for example, your trusty dog Woofy and Austin, the butler), and a great storyline.

gardenscapes gameGardenscapes: Mansion Makeover kept all those great features and turned everything into a hidden-object game.

Your goal is to restore an immense old mansion, just like in the first game. However, this time you are low on cash and, in order to purchase upgrades for the mansion, you have to sell what you find around the mansion.

The Challenge

To earn funds for the restoration, you will hold auctions in 15 different rooms of the mansion that also serve as different levels for the game.

The challenge is to find the object your customer is looking for as fast as possible.

gardenscapes freeThe faster you serve your customers, the happier they are and the more money they are willing to pay you.

Overall, there are 3000 hidden objects to find throughout 60 i-Spy levels.

The Danger

Just like the first edition of the Gardenscape, the game borderlines on repetitiveness.

What that means is that while I wouldn’t say the game ever gets boring, going through the same 15 rooms over and over again.

gardenscapes onlineAnd even though the game tends to repeat itself, it does not get easy. In fact, completing challenges and upgrading your mansion is quite challenging just because of the mechanics of the game.

If you find you it hard completing challenges, you will soon find yourself stuck because of the lack of money. No money, no upgrades.

The Saver

Here’s what I’ll say.

I would have deleted the game much quicker if not for the amazing characters and the interesting storyline.

To me, virtually all exchanges with Austin, the butler are hilarious and have definitely been a large part of me picking up this game over and over again.

That’s not all.

I think Playrix has done a brilliant job by adding additional quests, missions, and challenges.

It helps you switch off from the regular game mode, adds color and variety, and to be completely honest, boosts your morale.

If you are stuck in a base game, completing a side quest will provide some motivation to continue restoring the mansion.

The Verdict

I picked up Gardenscapes: Mansion Makeover just because the first, 50 million edition was so much fun.

This time, Playrix has done it again.

In the world where there are a million other hidden object games, why would you choose one before the other?

Playrix answer is the story.

Any single player game needs a good story, interesting characters, and Gardenscapes: Mansion Makeover excels in this department.

Also, the game offers quite a challenge. That’s why it’s not for everybody.

Especially, it is not for someone looking to kill some time by mindlessly tapping the screen. No.

In this game, you have to think. And you have to think fast.


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