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House of Fun

Read this article to find out what I thought of House of Fun slots and how to get House of Fun Free Coins!

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Recently I really got into social gambling apps.

They are fun, free, and there’re so many of them!

Just search for “casino” or “gambling” on your app store and you’ll see.

I already reviewed Chumba, Billionaire Casino and WSOP app (it’s still my favorite one, by the way), a lot more to come!

House of Fun Free Coins AppToday House of Fun got my attention.

It’s a free slots app available for many devices. It gives you many chances to claim free coins to play. You can always buy more if you want, though.

The app features 180+ slot games.That’s amazing. Most social casinos have to make slots from scratch. That’s why often the number of available games is much lower.

So, I’ll share my first impressions and all the ways I found how to get House of Fun free coins.

And you can get them, too.

But first, let’s start with the basics.

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House of Fun Platforms

You can play House of Fun slots on any of your devices. And on all of them together, if you prefer. House of Fun has apps for iPhone, Android, and even Windows smartphones. Also, an app on Amazon.

If you want to play on the good old desktop, you need to have a Facebook account.

Here’s the tricky part.

The app is called differently on each platform. And even the developers might seem different.

House of Fun Free Coins

If you look on Google Play, you’ll see Playtika UK presenting you an app “Slots Casino: House of Fun – Slots Free with Bonus”.

Meanwhile on AppStore, it’s Pacific-Interactive ltd with the app “Slot Casino: House of Fun”. It doesn’t have the “free” and “bonus” part.

But don’t worry.

It’s still the very same app with the very same bonuses.

And the very same developer – Playtika UK. Only it has different seller on the AppStore.

On Facebook you can find the same games by typing “House of Fun – Slots”.

House of Fun in Numbers

Someone once told me, “Numbers never lie”.

And ever since I always look up the numbers before I download anything. Doesn’t matter if it is an app, game, or a movie.

And since I obviously tried the game, you can tell – numbers were pretty good.

App scores the top #9 grossing casino title on both AppStore and Google Play. Over 10 millions of players have the app for Android.

In general, it has more than a million ratings and reviews. And the rating on app stores is 4.5. (Update: the Google Play rating has risen to 4.6).

Which is good.

And, of course, social media.

4M followers on Facebook. 40K on Twitter. And almost 30K subscribers on YouTube.

Could be better but still not bad.

House of Fun Free Coins

Once we reviewed the platforms and numbers, we can move on to the fun part: how to get House of Fun free coins.

Get 1,000 House of Fun free coins

Step 1: Sign up

The most obvious way is to sign up on the game on Facebook or to download the app.

This way you instantly get 1,000 House of Fun free coins.

Doesn’t seem much but the bets are fairly small, so it’s not too little either.

Step 2: Connect to Your Facebook

Connect your app to your Facebook (or vice versa).

Connect to Your Facebook House of Fun

Only MeIt gets you additional 1,000 coins.

If you’re not the biggest fan of Facebook and you want to protect your privacy, here’s some illustrated example how to do so:

  1. When the app will ask for permission to get some info about you, don’t rush. Press Edit this.
  2. Press the button “Clear” if you don’t want to give the app any additional info. Only the things that are required, like your name and age. Though, you might want to let them use your friend list if you want to exchange gifts with your friends who play House of Fun.
  3. Change the privacy of posts by app to “Only Me”. This way when app will share anything on your wall, only you will be able to see it. No spamming your friends. Unless you want to, of course.


Easy, right?

Step 3: Check your Inbox

When you have your app open but not playing, you’re in the lobby. That’s the perfect time to check your bottom right corner.

Small button called “Inbox” is your new best friend.


House of Fun inboxThere you will find House of Fun free coins awards, free spins, various time-limited rewards, and more.

Never ignore free spins either. Even as little as 10 free spins can bring you enough free coins to last for a week.

I got 628 coins on my first 10 free spins. How much will you get?

Check your inbox regularly to claim House of Fun free coins. The more you get for free, the better are your chances of never needing to buy any!

Step 4: Play

That’s it. That’s how you start playing and claiming your free coins.

What comes next depends on you: how you play and how much time you’ll invest in looking for various House of Fun freebies.

House of Fun Freebies

Here comes the more difficult part.

Claiming House of Fun free coins when they are right under your nose is easy. But if you play or bet a lot, they might not last long.

Don‘t panic.

There are more ways how to get free coins in this game.

House of Fun Coins Giveaway

First one is also easy.

Follow the app on social media.

House of Fun Coins GiveawayFacebook, Twitter, YouTube, or all three networks – your choice.

They all have in common one thing: House of Fun Coins Giveaways.

No matter which channel you follow, you’ll see House of Fun posting something with exclusive links. Follow these links and you’ll get more free spins, or in some cases, more House of Fun free coins.

It can be as little as 5 free spins and as much as thousands of free coins.

Better yet, make sure your notifications are on, to get the updates from House of Fun and free coins updates as soon as they’re available.

House of Fun Community

If you want to go one mile further, join House of Fun community.

House of Fun CommunitySearch for game‘s fans on social media. Join groups.

It might be easiest to do on Facebook. There are many groups with 3,000+ members, all wanting the same thing – House of Fun freebies, or more specifically, free coins.

You‘re bound to find some people to exchange gifts and your lucky links with. And they won‘t be spammed because it‘s not spam when they want your links.


House of Fun is really a pretty fun casino app. There is not an abundance of slot machines, but every one has to be made by House of Fun. Plus, they add new games every two weeks or so.

Besides, it’s great for your device memory.

Trust me.

There‘re many ways how to get House of Fun free coins and other freebies. Have you checked the House of Fun Boulevard. It’s a collection-type promotion packed with luxury. And it’s new.

Platforms are available for all kinds of devices, and ratings on app stores are pretty good.

If you like slots, try this app. Maybe you‘ll find your next favorite game.

If you want more, like me, let‘s keep looking.

See you soon.

House of Fun

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House of Fun

House of Fun app is a must-have for all the slot machine players who are looking for the best mobile slots games on the market.

  • $1,000 No Deposit Bonus
  • Over 150 free slot games
  • A new slot game release every week
  • 777 slots, Egypt slot machines, OZ slots, Diamond games, WILD slotmachines, progressive jackpots & many more
  • Daily Promotions


  • $1,000 No Deposit Bonus
  • 150+ GREAT Slots
  • Daily Promotions


  • No Blackjack
  • No Roulette
  • No Craps

Overall Rating

House of Fun Info

  • Casino: House of Fun
  • Website:
  • Established: 2016
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Support: Email, Facebook, Twitter
  • Minimum Deposit: $0


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