Infinity Slots: Spin and Win with Infinity Slots

Infinity Slots: Spin and Win

It’s that simple!

Let me present to you Infinity Slots, coming from Murka.

In some ways, it’s very much an online casino you already know. Daily coin gifts, billion-coin progressive jackpots, all that jazz.

But at the same time, it’s nothing you’ve seen before. Instead of silly animations, the first thing you see at Infinity Slots is Sandro Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus.

free spins venusNow, how classy is that?

Anyway, it’s a casino that’s definitely worth checking out whether you are new to the whole style or an expert. But before you do, here’s my take on it you might find valuable.


Murka Entertainment Limited launched Infinity Slots (you might know them from Scatter Slots and some other mobile casinos). It’s one of their all-time best projects.

Infinity Slots has a 4.6 rating on the Apple Store as well as Google Play. Combined 20 million player and 400,000 reviews.infinity slots free coins

By the way, customer support is impeccable. Look through the reviews and Facebook comments. It’s clear that the team is ready to answer their players. Try it contacting them yourself!

Lastly, the Infinity Casino walks you through the casino with a sort of a tutorial. Which does help a bit. Infinity Slots are trying to take a unique spin on mobile casino, but it sometimes results in icons and animations that are not common and may be hard to understand.

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Spin and Win – Extra Five Million Coins

I know what you’re thinking. Casinos are not built for players to ‘spin and win’. They are businesses. And, of course, Infinity Slots is one, too. But the difference here is that land casinos wait until you come with cash filled pockets. Infinity Slots (and other mobile casinos) give out a ton of free coins.

On your first visit, you get five million coins to start. Plus, there’s one million more waiting for connecting your account to Facebook.

Keep in mind that you can get an extra five million coins.

After you play for a bit, Infinity Slots will ask you to complete a survey. Accept! There will be only 4 questions, nothing complicated. Regardless of what kind of answers you give, 1-star or 5-star, you still going to get your five million extra coins.

Now, at this point you will have at least 10 million coins to work with. Casino minimum bet is 15,000, so lots of room to maneuver.

Games – How to Unlock New Infinity Slots

You start with the Venus slot but will soon discover another unique feature. Yes, all other slots are locked. But you don’t go up the levels to unlock them. That’s for the rewards (we’ll discuss rewards next).

Infinity Slots games

The way you unlock games is by revealing puzzles! It starts fast. You only need 4 pieces for the next slot machine. Chances are that even on the minimum bet (15,000) you will unlock your second slots machine within 50 spins.

However, it becomes harder as you play more. With new bet levels unlocked, lower bet levels will produce less pieces. And you need more pieces for each subsequent slot.

Edit: we’ve tested it both ways. Stay on the lower side with your bets. You risk less and will still get one new puzzle piece every 20 or 30 spins.

Unique features – VIP, Challenges and More

Infinity has an extensive VIP program to make sure everyone gets what they deserve. You start as Bronze tier player and will move up 10 higher tiers as you play.

Higher tiers will produce, of course, larger rewards. For example, up to 400 percent bonus on coin purchases, daily prizes that are four times as large, gifts five times the regular size and more.

Daily Challenges

Daily Challenges are very exciting. You have 3 challenges to complete every day. Each has its own reward. On lower tiers, each challenge has three steps and will reward you with 200,000 upon completion. But, hit all three challenges and you will have a chance to earn 1 million coins with the fourth daily challenge.

Note that most challenges don’t care what bet level you play on. You will be encouraged to maximize your bets, but you don’t have to. Watch your bankroll!

Infinity Slots daily challenges

Classy and Unique – Infinity Slots

The games here are wonderful. They fresh and unique (as unique a slot can be), while the casino provides lots of daily opportunities to grab some free coins. In fact, Infinity Slots has one of the biggest free coins-to-minimum-bet ratios of all mobile casinos we have ever reviewed.

If you are a bit sick and tired of all the ‘traditional’ casinos, the same sounds, animations, effects and slogans, you will find Infinity slots refreshing.

Try it out!


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