Jackpot Magic Slots: Free Coins, Secrets and Cheats

jackpot magic slots

At this point Jackpot Magic Slots is a popular mobile casino with millions of fans. They have lots of unique as well as branded slots games, like Baywatch and Pac-Man.

Also, at Jackpot Magic Slots like nowhere else, you can connect with other players, chat, and play games.

Funny enough, they all want the same thing – Jackpot Magic Slots free coins.

Because you always want to play until you hit the jackpot. And for that, you need coins. Or luck. Preferably both.

So, in this guide, we will walk you through the Jackpot Magic Slots casino and show you the best ways to get millions of free coins.

Whether you are a new player here or have known about Jackpot Magic Slots from Facebook for a long time, you will find plenty of tips below.

Here’s the first.

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We have a coin generator for you! If you don’t want to grind to earn our coins, you can use the coin generator below.

You only need to confirm you are a real person, enter your username and pick up your coins.

Jackpot Magic Slots coin generator

For the rest of you who are not interested in Jackpot Magic Slots cheats, we have tons of ways to earn coins fairly.

Jackpot Magic Slots – Earn 2 Million Coins Every Day

As a new player, you are showered with free coins. With the help of only a couple of free bonuses for new players, you’ll increase your bankroll by 1,000,000 free coins. Check out your dashboard on the bottom.

jackpot magic slots facebook dashboard

You have several bonuses straight of the bat.jackpot magic slots cheats bonus vaults

  • Bronze vault holds bonuses up to 67,000 coins. And that’s every 30 minutes. Plus, you can speed it up by watching video ads.
  • Silver has up to 120,000 coins bonus. This one resets every 4 hours. But that still is 4-5 bonuses every day – as easy 500,000 coins!
  • Gold vault produces bonuses up to 250,000 but you first need to reach XP level 15 to unlock it. Gold Vault resets daily.

When you come back, you also get rewards. In fact, the more friends you have, the better are your coin rewards.

You can find and connect with friends through Jackpot Magic Slots Facebook page or the bottom bar (next to bonuses).

TIP: Should you play Jackpot Magic Slots on Facebook? Not at first! You can get much more if you become an iOS or Android player first and then connect to Jackpot Magic Slots on Facebook. You can, and you will win big prizes on Facebook but that’s coming later.

Jackpot Magic Slots VIP points

Leveling up on Jackpot Magic Slots works slightly different from other casinos. Maybe you’re used to seeing messages like ‘You are level 5 now: Here are 5,000 coins’?

Here you have a VIP level, and mostly anything you do on Jackpot Magic Slots will raise your XP level (unlocks new games) as well as the VIP level (determines bonuses).

jackpot magic slots coinsWhen you level up while playing, you will increase your VIP standing, get free coins, daily jackpot spins, increase bet levels, and, as you know, unlock new slots.

TIP: If you want to know how to win at Jackpot Magic Slots, here’s another tip. When you unlock new slots, check out for free spins sign.

For example, on level 7 you will get to play the Pack-Man slot with 10 free spins. That’s a great way to shoot for a jackpot, without spending any coins.

Jackpot Magic Slots Clubs – Climb the Ranks, Compete, and Share Coins

Another valuable coin maker is the Jackpot Magic Slots Club (on your bottom bar).

First, you have to choose your club. You’ll see that clubs are either competitive or casual.
Competitive clubs make you donate coins to the club, play a certain amount each day and represent your club against the rivals.

Jackpot Magic Slots ClubsCasual clubs are all about fun. Chat with people from your club, share coins, participate in tournaments, etc.

When you join, you can immediately collect 500,000 coins as a first-time bonus. But DON’T FORGET to actually collect it. It expires within 24 hours.

Also, clubs generate you coins as a part of the team effort. If someone wins big, you get a share. It’s not much (0.1 percent of total win), but that’s why clubs are so important.

Look for one with active players and you can easily get 200,000 coins every day for other people’s wins.

And of course, tournaments, which we already mentioned. The system is too complicated to go through it right now, but you will get it as you play.

Novice prizes stop at about 100,000 coins, while the biggest VIP players can win 600 million coins.

Jackpot Magic Slots Facebook page

Let’s quickly look at the Jackpot Magic Slots Facebook page. It’s not only the place to get Jackpot Magic Slots news. It’s much better. Here you can participate in various daily giveaways and find new friends.

Jackpot Magic Slots cheats – Coin Hack

As you see, Jackpot Magic Slots free coins come from a variety of places. But when everything else fails, you can use this coins generator to build your bankroll again.

Only 4 quick steps:

  1. Enter your username
  2. Select your platform
  3. Select Coins
  4. Complete human verification

And you have your Jackpot Magic Slots free coins!

Keep in mind, though, that Jackpot Magic Slots don’t like these hacks, so they are not working 100 percent of the time.

If you stumble upon one that’s not working, please let us know. We try to keep these generators up to date, but it’s not always possible.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you understand where the Jackpot Magic Slots big wins come from.

But in the end, you can enjoy this mobile casino as any other Vegas style casino out there – pick a casino game that pays well (try Pac-man slot machine!) and play for as long as your heart desires.


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