Lego Island: The Award-Winning Game

lego islandLego Island is a video game that follows the Lego theme. It was developed by Mindscape.

This game was released for Microsoft Windows way back in September 26th, 1997. 5 years after its release, it was followed by Lego Island 2 The Brickster’s Revenge.

Lego is a widely popular game that even young kids of today still appreciate. Whether you are a fan of a physical game or a video game, Lego will always be one of the greatest classic games of all time.

The gameplay of Lego Island

The gameplay of this game is quite simple. It is a nonlinear game that uses the 1st person perspective.

This means that you can move around the island and even customize the island yourself. With the help of Bill Ding, who is a mechanic, you can create your own vehicles and accomplish different missions.

One of your main goals is to catch the character named Brickster. He is a prisoner who managed to escape.

Choose among five different characters

You can go for Pepper Roni, his caretakers, and may also choose from two police officers – Laura or Nick Brick. Every player has their own unique characteristics.

Let’s take a look at the different characters that you can use in your own game. It is very important that you understand their characteristics and are aware of the fact that they have side missions.

  • Papa Brickolini. He’s an Italian immigrant who is the owner of the only pizzeria on Lego Island. Together with his wife, Mama Brickolini, they are very successful.
  • Mama Brickolini. She is the wife of Papa Brickolini. She is passionate about music and is especially good at playing the piano.
  • Pepper Roni. He is an adopted son of the Brickolinis. He goes around Lego Island delivering pizza on his skateboard. He’s good at mathematics, but pretty bad at reading, writing, and spelling.
  • Laura Brick. She is a police officer that works for the police department of Lego Island. She’s really good at motorcycling and she patrols an entire island. She seeks to ensures that inhabitants there are safe from their enemies.
  • Nick Brick. He is Laura’s brother. Nick also works for the legal Island Police Department. He has this incredible memory that helps him remember things easily. He can remember even the tiniest details.

Characters that cannot be played

In the game of Lego Island there are also characters that cannot be played. One of which is known as the Infomaniac.

He created Lego Island billions of years ago. He lives in the information center and acts as a guide all throughout the game.

The Infomaniac informs you about different activities on the island 2

Another character is called Brickster. He is the very first person created by the Infomaniac.

They used to be good friends until one day when the Infomaniac told Brickster that he wanted to create other people. He got really angry and stole the bricks from the island to build his own place.

Every once in a while, he comes back to the island to steal bricks. At the beginning of the game Brickster is imprisoned and in the Lego Prison Island.

Bill Ding is a character that always shows up whenever you need to build something. He works as a guide and explains different functions of the editor.

Different locations in Lego Island

To navigate through Lego Island, you need to know different locations and activities that they offer for the player.

Located on the eastern side of the island there is an information center. It’s a place where players can adjust any of the settings that they need for the game.

On the northeastern side there is a Lego Island police station. This is where the police officers Laura and Nick work.

When you go to this part of the island, you can create a police helicopter. In this very place there is also a helipad and jail.

The latter is located in the northern part of the police station. In the Lego Prison Island players can talk to the antagonist character of the game – Brickster.

At the lifeguard station players can build their own race or jet skis to move around the island. It’s located at the southern side of the pizzeria. In the center of the island there is a racetrack that can also be used by players.

Lego Island 2

Lego Island 2 is quite different from the previous version of the game. It was created by Silicone Dreams Studio and published by Lego.

This game involves a lot of activities that you cannot find in the previous game. They include flying planes, scuba diving, riding pterodactyls, and prison island

In order to complete the very first level of the game, the player has to deliver pizzas.

You can also engage in other activities. For example, exploring the island or skateboarding.

To finish a stage of the game, the player has to help in finding the missing pieces of the Constructopedia. You will also have to face The Dark Knight to retrieve bricks.

Can you play Lego Island online?

Yes, absolutely. Now you have all opportunities to play Lego Island online. There are various websites that have Web and Flash versions.

Even if you don’t have a gaming console, the emulator enables you to play the game. You just have to get used to different controls that you will have to press on your keyboard.

This might be slightly challenging in comparison to using a gaming console.

Is Lego Island a great game to play? It actually depends on your gaming preference. For avid Lego fans this a dream come true.

They should really enjoy this game. However, this may not be the best choice for those who want a more challenging adventure.