How to Earn Free Coins at Mirrorball Slots?

mirrorball slots

It’s not often you see up and coming casinos get a featured story on world’s top news outlets.

But in 2012, Adweek wrote an article about a casino that has been blowing up on Facebook. Launched by Plumbee that same year, the casino already had over 10 million players.

This was a story about Mirrorball Slots.

No wonder that after a few tremendously successful years it was picked up by the casino mammoth, GSN Games. Now, Mirrorball slots has almost 20 million players and a superb platform to enjoy a variety of slots on your computer or a mobile device.

If you want to know how to play Mirrorball Slots the right way and collect 1000s of free coins, we have nine superb tips for you today.

Let’s get to it.

How to Play Mirrorball Slots, Stop Losing and build a Bankroll Risk-Free

Tip #1 – It’s All in the Way You Start

Mirrorball slots will start you out with a quick tutorial, so don’t get alarmed if you are forced to make an odd action. For example, on your very first slot you will have to make a 500-coin bet while only holding 900 coins in your bankroll.

Don’t worry, you’ll win.

mirrorball slots bonus round

However, once you are done with it, minimize your bet immediately. You can spin here a few times, but continuing to play 400 coins per spin would be a bankroll suicide.

In fact, even playing the minimum on the Treasure Island (100 coins per spin) will require a lot of luck to keep afloat while you have a bankroll for only 10-12 spins.

Instead, to get the best results, leave to the home screen and check out the other lower-limit games.

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Tip #2 – Go to the Home Screen for your Welcome Gifts

Another reason to leave to the home screen is because your tutorial is not finished yet. There are some more Welcome Gifts you can claim!

Here’s what will happen:

  1. You will get the first of the three new player gifts, 750 free coins.
  2. The timer will start counting down 30 minutes until the seconds gift.
  3. You will be invited to play another slot, Goldilocks and the Wild Bears.

At this point your bankroll will be lingering around 2,000 coins, while spins on Goldilocks start from 50 coins. A much more reasonable and safe gaming experience, I’d say!

free mirrorball slots goldilocks

Tip #3 – Watch Your Bets

On the Goldilocks slot you will learn about an annoying feature of the casino.

Every time you hit a bonus round, per spin cost resets to one of the highest amounts.

For instance, even though you played 50 or 100 coins per spin, at the end of the bonus round the bet will return to 200 per spin.

Keep an eye on that. Especially while you haven’t yet built a significant bankroll.

Tip #4 – It’s a Facebook Casino. Use it!

One of the greatest things about being on Facebook as opposed to an iOS or an Android device, is that all your friends are right there. Nothing to download or update.

Just send them an invitation and start sending each other free coins. That’s how easy it is.

And if none of your friends are on Facebook, then head to the Mirrorball Slots Facebook page and just leave a comment that you would like to find a casino buddy.

More on that next.

Tip #5 – Follow Mirrorball Slots on Social Media

On a weekly basis, and, in many cases, even daily Mirroball slots puts up attractive offers for their players.

mirrorball slots facebook bonus

Of course, as a business, they sometimes will encourage you to use a discount to purchase coins. But often they will simply ask you to click a link and claim a bunch of coins on the house.

Again, while you are on the first levels, these free coins are extremely valuable.

Tip #6 – Don’t Be Charmed by Charms

What are Charms?

Charms are unique to Mirrorball Slots. Basically, it’s a guaranteed way to win. Once you use a charm, you will trigger free spins on the next round. Pretty neat?

Here’s something to remember.

You can only purchase Charms with in-game cash, which is not easy to come by. Occasionally you will be granted a free charm, feel free to use it.

On the other hand, you should be very cautious before using precious in-game currency for Charms. Better see it as a ‘Get out of jail free’ card for the times you feel down on your luck.

And as long as we are here, let’s quickly touch on Keno. If you ever want to switch up games, you may be tempted to play some Keno lottery.

That’s also something you should consider carefully, especially for new players. It’s too expensive unless you have at least 50,000 coins. In Keno, you can select 10 numbers for 1,500 coins, 15 numbers for 2,700 coins or 20 balls for 4,000 coins.

Tip #7 Free coins from Dusk till Dawn

You already know that on Facebook you can get free coins, both from your friends and Mirrorball slots. There’s more.

Just like many other casinos on mobile, there are regular gifts of free coins you can collect. Here it’s every two hours.

Also, remember that when you level up, visit the casino for multiple days in a row, etc., you also get free coin gifts.

Tip #8 – Explore

At the moment, the Mirrorball Slots has two dozen games. And they regularly add more. Explore them.

Here are a few examples:

the Hidden Valley
mirrorball slots free coins links Hidden Valley
mirrorball slots free coins links Supernova

The games are not sorted in any order. Take your time and you will find cheaper and more diverse games.

Tip #9 – Tourney Time

Recently Mirrorball Slots included tournaments. And while, just like Keno, it’s meant for the higher tier players, your first tournament is completely free.

Why not use it to get some free coins?!

CAUTION: There is a time limit to enter the free tournament. Don’t sleep in!

free mirrorball slots tournament

Here you go.

Nine tips to build a bankroll at Mirrorball slots free. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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