myVegas Blackjack Review: Free Chips, Bonus Codes and More!

myVegas Blackjack Review

Apart from all the Slots apps, more than anything I enjoy Blackjack. It’s not only a classy game but you can also have some pretty good strategies to play it right. It’s not about luck or guesswork, it’s the way how you think! And I found a perfect app to play the game – MyVegas Blackjack.

Bear with me for a few minutes and I will tell you how cool it is.

myVegas Blackjack: First Impression

myVegas Blackjack appAs soon as I downloaded the app, I received 3000 FREE chips and who knows how many loyalty points. Indeed, it’s a nice gift for a beginner who wants to try out the waters here. No risk, plus, you can see if you truly like the app or not.

I checked a screen a bit more and I noticed a small gift at the right bottom corner. Surprisingly, 100 extra chips were in my wallet. Once you claim the bonus, the time starts running and you can get extra chips every four hours. Honestly, you can play and never get out of resources there!

I think that myVegas Blackjack free chips are a good starter for your profit to grow.

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myVegas Blackjack Facebook Sync: Should You Do It or Not?

myVegas Blackjack FacebookI didn’t expect to get Loyalty points and 500 free chips just for syncing my account with this app. It was a pleasant surprise and I really enjoy extra bonus. Who doesn’t?

But is it worth to sync your Facebook with the app?

It depends. If you want to join for extra rewards, it’s always welcome. However, if you feel that you don’t want to sync with Facebook, there are plenty of other ways to get additional rewards.

myVegas Blackjack Free Chips and More

Another great thing about myVegas Blackjack is that you can collect items and unlock more prizes. Almost every time you play some Blackjack, you get a card which is added into your collection. If you collect all the cards, you receive an extra prize.

It’s great because you get some extra prizes doing things that you always do. And as I said, who doesn’t like the free stuff?

It’s worth to level-up as well (the more you play, the higher level you reach in no time) because you unlock not only new types of Blackjack but also receive some great prizes which add up to your chips (or Loyalty points!).

Indeed, you can open daily gift box for free. The rewards in the gift boxes differ. You might get chips, some boosts or other great stuff. But free stuff is free stuff. You cannot complain much about it.

Free Chips When You are Out of Luck

myVegas Blackjack Free ChipsI was out of luck once. Everyone is occasionally. It’s natural. However, myVegas Blackjack gave me 2000 coins out of the bloom. Good things indeed happen!

This little surprise helped to get back on track!

Another thing about MyVegas Blackjack is that you can earn chips by watching videos. Especially if you have some free time, you can freely do it. One video is worth around 1200 chips so if you are out of luck and have some free time, it’s worth it.

You can watch up to 10 videos per day. Do the rest of math yourself.

myVegas Blackjack Codes – More Chips Guaranteed!

I claim MyVegas Blackjack codes daily. Yes, they help you to gain more chips which you can use to increase your bankroll. You can find all the promo codes on MyVegas Blackjack Facebook page so don’t hesitate to check it.

It’s just one click and you get some extra to your budget. That’s it.

Is myVegas Blackjack Entertaining and Beneficial?

The short answer is yes.

MyVegas Blackjack has amazing prizes which you can exchange for the loyalty points. The more loyalty points you have, the better prize you can get. Sometimes it’s worth to save up some points to get the better prize for you and your family!

Finally… Just Try myVegas Blackjack for Yourself

Honestly, MyVegas Blackjack is one of the best places to play Blackjack. All the bonus like MyVegas Blackjack Free chips or MyVegas Blackjack codes can boost your bankroll a lot! Don’t forget all these videos which give you free chips when you are in a dark place.

MyVegas Blackjack is also planning more updates. I am impatiently waiting for them. How about you?

myVegas Blackjack

But the most important, don’t forget to enjoy Blackjack because it’s an amazing strategy game. Like Charlie Ergen said ‘Blackjack is very scientific. There’s always a right answer and a wrong answer. Do you take a card, increase your bet, bet big, or bet small. There’s absolutely a right and wrong answer.’

Good luck!


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