MyVegas Free Chips: How to Get Free Chips to Play MyVegas Slots

myvegas free chips

Disclaimer: this article is for educational purposes only. We do not encourage you to use the 2018 hack to get MyVegas free chips. We believe you should be aware of the different options available online and that’s why we decided to describe this free chips generator we found on the internet.

First, let me tell you how it all started.

While working on a huge list of the best social casino apps that accept US players (coming soon) I found an interesting hack to get free chips on MyVegas that I decided to share with you.

With the free chips generator in this article, you’ll be able to get virtually unlimited MyVegas free chips and play some of the best slots on the internet at no cost.

If you want to learn more about the MyVegas free chips cheat I found and that could earn you a significant amount of free chips to play slots – keep on reading.

The link on this page gives you direct access to the free chips collector.

Otherwise, stop right here.

Generating free chips to play slots on MyVegas through this method is not approved by the app’s developers. Also, this method is by no mean endorsed by the editorial team here at

Aren’t MyVegas Chips Free Anyway?

Yes and no.

You do get a lot of free chips to play slots on MyVegas nearly every time you launch the app but – let’s face it: the games are so good that it’s super easy to run out of chips.

When that happens, you need to take your credit card out of your wallet and buy some.

MyVegas Slots chips are not expensive, I give you that. As you can see from the screenshot below, you do get more than 250,000 chips for as little as €5,49.

how to get myvegas free coins

And that is when no special promos are available. I have seen times when for as little as a tenner you could add more than 10,000,000 chips to your account!

But that’s not the point.

The moment you go online to look for [I]MyVegas free chips[/I] you have already decided that you are not going to pay.

Regardless of the cost of each refill, you want free MyVegas chips and you are determined to do everything it takes to get the right links or codes to make it happen.

So, let’s get to it.

MyVegas Free Chips Generator

Important Notice: The content of this article is based on a MyVegas Free Chips Hack I found online. The writer and DigitalVideoGamer can’t guarantee it will work for everyone.

Why am I being so careful and I keep adding an unprecedented number of disclaimers to this article?

a) because I can’t guarantee that this free chips hack will work to play slots on MyVegas


b) because getting free chips this way is cheat-ing.

Differently than how it happens on the other methods we have described in the past (see: How to Get Free Chips for House of Fun and how to Get WSOP Poker Free Chips), this method is not approved by the company that developed the casino app.

This is a free chips cheat that will give you an unfair advantage at one of the most popular slots games on the internet.

So – here it is:

==> Click here to access the free chips generator <==

Once you visit the page, it’s up to you.

You can use the generator to get free chips to play slots on MyVegas, or you can close it.

Much like in the Garden of Eden, you are standing right in front of a big, sweet, shiny red apple.

You can take a bite, but I am sure you know the risks connected to it.

How to Use the Free Chips Generator for MyVegas Slots

Now that we know how to find the tool, let’s see how to generate MyVegas free coins with it.

free myvegas chips

First, we need to write our username and pick the device we are on. Then, move onto step 2.

myvegas slots free chips

At this point, we need to decide how many free coins we want to play slots on MyVegas. Please, note that I never managed to get the 1,000,000 MyVegas free coins hack to work.

free chips myvegas hack

Then, we need to wait and let the free coins cheat do the rest. Throughout the process, we will be asked once or twice if we wish to continue.

Obviously, duh.

Sometimes, during my tests, the system asked me to complete a survey to get the free chips on my MyVegas account.

I found on some other sites that this happens when the tool receives multiple requests at the same time (aka. someone else is using it too) and it’s completely normal.

And – this is it! This is the 2018 working cheat to get MyVegas free chips and play slots. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial / guide!



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