MyVegas Free Chips: 2019 Cheats to Get Free MyVegas Chips

myvegas free chips

Need more chips to play games on MyVegas Slots? Don’t want to spend money to buy the packs available on the app?


This page lists all the cheats and the latest promo codes to get MyVegas free chips in 2019 and continue playing for free.

Use all the codes and methods on this page to play with unlimited free MyVegas chips. It’s all free — and most of the time you don’t even have to complete a survey to get your free chips.

Sometimes you do, though.

The choice is yours: do you want to use these MyVegas hacks to play Slots with unlimited free chips or do you want to pay real money to play fun Slots?

1,000,000 MyVegas Free Chips

The first hack is my favourite. Use it to get 1,000,000 free MyVegas chips every day. It works on mobile too, so you can use it from Android and iPhone.

Here’s how to get 1,000,000 free chips to play Slots on MyVegas:

Step 1: Click on this link to access the hack tool

Step 2: Fill out the form

MyVegas Slots Free Chips
Remember to use the “,” to separate the numbers. It’s important for the cheat to work!

Step 3: Wait for ~1 minute

MyVegas Free Chips Facebook
Almost there…

Step 4: Accept the free chips!

MyVegas Free Chips
There you go! Play MyVegas Slots with 1M free chips!

This fool-proof cheat to play free Slots on MyVegas is part of the Elite Private Hacking Tools series. If you are new to that, you should know that they bring you the best cheats of 2019 to play free games online.

When the tool receives too many requests, it asks to complete a survey to confirm that you are not a bot.

It’s important you do it. Otherwise or your IP address might be banned by the Elite group. They need to do that to keep the free coins hacks and cheats running and avoid to be shut down.

If they ban you, you can’t get MyVegas free chips nor use any other of their free chips and free coins cheat tricks.

It took me less than 2 minutes to complete mine. I’m sure 2 minutes are nothing when that’s all it takes to get 1,000,000 MyVegas free chips!

MyVegas Free Chips: Links and Promo Codes

If you need more free chips, try these promo codes. MyVegas changes the free chips promo codes all the time, so these might expire very soon.

You oughta be quick if you want to get rich!

Promo Code Free Chips Not Working?
54S9-IK0M-4ZGX-ME8P 1900141 Generate New
NLU5-WCRY-FY01-CX3S 9783733 Generate New
V3MU-PHJK-LOHR-1ACH 175745 Generate New
7G29-5LV2-VSFS-VQJL 5985481 Generate New
S7PU-T0FC-Q6XF-G04M 3245953 Generate New
XITH-D4XH-F5LC-0PUL 255058 Generate New
9FNG-24CL-UMDR-A884 1936941 Generate New
QF6Q-10WL-EVJ5-QDZ3 8427871 Generate New
8F3L-52I5-87IQ-7V9Y 8968558 Generate New
JTZA-9DHQ-I4FO-6RRR 2212925 Generate New
8SQM-AJW9-ZB8M-WRIS 5888638 Generate New
R9L5-4VEL-MLCL-PN8Y 108180 Generate New
GGGT-L8AU-WCFL-WLKB 1161661 Generate New
8AOU-O0NH-1O37-VZXW 1711212 Generate New
E0NE-5BG4-B1UU-TWDG 722975 Generate New
J8QS-FX4B-GUF5-OYJ3 6097644 Generate New
MLAZ-7GU6-72QV-6TCS 2430336 Generate New
1L9M-PTET-6TOG-GC5E 9232292 Generate New
TQB9-P56T-K3E9-9TEP 5370875 Generate New
84NA-3ENE-DVYT-D3OK 3364627 Generate New
11C5-OYNK-6TG3-166E 7902560 Generate New
P44E-8WNR-9Q2E-DGRB 2836239 Generate New
IYWS-VTIM-77V9-189V 2721256 Generate New
IWPM-DZ1Q-HYTA-FXLM 6195237 Generate New
LXV5-BL19-Z1P0-OCJ3 4169455 Generate New
I3RD-91MJ-WIH7-8197 7481587 Generate New
3Z22-SHBS-BOCA-28MD 6372062 Generate New
3TU0-E3ZY-QT3T-V1K6 4645868 Generate New
YZDD-D89M-CICQ-I48I 1804982 Generate New
N8MZ-HIVO-I0VO-N7QO 2855343 Generate New
75V8-J12R-NPYY-U9C4 1118711 Generate New
BCA3-5HLO-8UGY-2AO2 2367084 Generate New
D0Q3-UBEZ-MQZ6-TQD3 3215420 Generate New
ZIUI-U672-E8T5-LSXM 1262838 Generate New
IHUH-OG35-BGK2-DH5H 697213 Generate New
WXBV-MFUX-DPRQ-GRO6 3099223 Generate New
9CLN-VO2R-SQRK-QBLQ 8222335 Generate New
42NC-RM6G-SW9V-MYZM 8325866 Generate New
WZZU-44CH-RF2F-DF6W 7239541 Generate New
XYCC-T5UI-JY65-JQ8V 3984310 Generate New
9Q5T-NAIB-0D4Z-QB74 3066528 Generate New
BGA8-H89V-8VMA-NSPU 2898831 Generate New
JUU6-2S48-W8VN-FHUZ 2882070 Generate New
Z5GK-HSG3-E5OR-Z4N3 9045765 Generate New
S9BR-LMQU-ML91-CWPO 1999271 Generate New
O5MB-DKBM-OVCM-XUYZ 6790359 Generate New
NFQW-XWAS-79J0-VIPA 3389050 Generate New
MGJZ-D0CO-6K9I-WHO5 1430278 Generate New
50WB-A8WL-PEZG-9QIY 5645898 Generate New
E9M2-7WOL-N97X-DHID 5434979 Generate New


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