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need for speed carbon

Are you into racing games? Need for Speed: Carbon is a racing video game that was developed by EA Canada. It is a sequel to the game Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

Packed with new features and upgrades, the game gives you a chance to experience the dynamics of car racing as you get through different levels and race against your rivals vying for the turf.

Need for Speed Carbon Gameplay

Need for Speed: Carbon is not that different from such previous games as Underground 2 and Most Wanted.

But what makes it slightly different is that the game mainly focuses on rival crews instead of individuals. Players get to manage a crew and have street racers to join their team.

Each racer possesses 2 skills: the racing skill and a non-racing skill. When it comes to racing skills, there are drafters, blockers, and scouts. In the meantime, non-racing skills include fabricator, mechanic, and fixer.

There is also a feature called a wingman who drives different cars. The car classes fall into different categories which include Exotics, Muscles, and Tuners.

When playing on a starting career mode, players have to permanently choose a car class. Choosing a car class begins in different districts where the player gets to pick from initial options.

As the game continues and progresses, you can unlock some additional features. Eventually, players can also unlock cars that are for quick races.

When it comes to the game control, this may vary depending on how you choose to play. For instance, if you are using the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 version, you use the control pad to manage the steering.

You can configure and map such controls as acceleration and braking to the bottom of your controller.

Customization features

What you will like about this game is that it has its new customization option which is known as Autosculpt.

With this game feature, players can actually use certain car parts and mold different parts to their own liking. They can also customize vinyls and also determine the kind of design they like.

How about the performance tuning? There have been a lot of upgrades installed, so players can look for different properties in the car. Players can also choose the best car for them.

They are all divided into three different classes. Every car has its respective characteristics. And your choice, of course, depends on your racing style and preference.

For example, if you are racing in a place with tight corners, Tuners are the best vehicles for that. Exotics will be the best choice for high-speed races. If you want a car that can accelerate fast in a short period of time, Muscles will be your best choice.

How to play the game?

need for speed carbon downloadBefore you start playing Need for Speed: Carbon, it is very important that you understand the different components of this game. You need to know the physics of the game and use it to your advantage.

Now, let us go over the very basics of Need for Speed: Carbon.

For you to maintain speed it is important to know the best lines where you can handle turns. By all means, do the best you can to avoid making sharp turns.

As you hit the road and start racing, you will get two special tools that you can use: NOS and Speedbreaker.

To further boost extra speed, you just need to push Nitro. The only downside here is that if you keep on using it, it will drain the meter. So, it’s advisable for you to keep on refilling as you drive at super-high speeds.

Know your crew

Once you know the basics, the next step is that you familiarize yourself with the crew. In every race, you can actually bring a wingman along with you. Every crew member has two skills.

One helps you all throughout the race and the other one helps you once the race is already finished. As you start racing, their race skills are automatically activated.

Learn about your rivals

In order for you to win the race, it is not just about your gaming style and knowing your strengths. You also need to know as much as you can about your rivals.

In Palm City, which is the venue of the race in this game, there are actually 4 gang leaders who are vying for the turf. Thus, a showdown to show who the new boss will be is a must.

About the 4 gang leaders

Angie: Her crew is known as the 21st St. This fierce Latina is a bit reckless and likes muscle cars. Her main goal is to win. Thus, if you are starting your career with a classic muscle car, you’ll have to deal with her.nfs carbon leader

Darius: He is known to be a brilliant, but ruthless racer. He knows everything about the Underground. If you want to win the game, he is a strong contender that you’ll have to face.

Wolf: A German racer who has vast resources as his disposal. He likes exotic vehicles and if you are taking an Exotic car class, you will have to face him head-on.

Kenji: His crew name is taken from the samurai’s sacred code of honor, Bushido. You get to race against the team that is passionate about the race and is willing to do everything they need to win.


With its amazing graphics, soundtrack, and gameplay Need for Speed: Carbon is a well-received game. Although it is not considered to be the best of the best racing games that you can find, it’s still a good choice.

Especially, if you like deep racing as you get to control the different aspects of the game for you to be able to strategize. Plenty of Need for Speed: Carbon download options are available on the internet, too.


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