Slots – Pharaoh’s Way – From Zero to 10 million Free Coins

pharaoh's way slots

Looking for a one of a kind casino to play on your mobile? You haven’t seen anything like Slots – Pharaoh’s Way.

Slots – Pharaoh’s Way is a special place to place:

  • Many fantasy worlds to explore
  • Tons of gifts and surprises
  • Most beautiful slots

Slots – Pharaoh’s Way has lots of surprises for every player that comes in. Luckily for you, they all come in free coins as well as free spins.

But at the end of a day, it’s a casino. In many ways, Pharaoh’s Way Slots are no different from any other. You need luck to win, which isn’t always there. What to do when you are down on coins?

Here’s what we are here for. We’ll show you how to play AND win (at least, most of the time). We’ll go over some Slots – Pharaoh’s Way cheats, tricks, tips, or however you want to call them.

And later we will also show you how you can use a special code generator to get a bunch of free coins.

If you want to check it out right away, you can. It’s a lightning quick Slots – Pharaoh’s Way cheat to play slots – Pharaoh’s Way free coins are added to your account instantly.

For all of you who are more interested in the best games at Slots – Pharaoh’s Way and ways to get rewards, let’s get started.

Slots – Pharaoh’s Way – Introduction and Day One

The game app Slots – Pharaoh’s Way has been this year’s hit on the App Stores where the app is boasting a 4.4 to 4.5-star rating. With over 15 million registered players, Slots – Pharaoh’s Way is rolling high.

The app is new, so all the graphics and sounds are top-class. However, the most fascinating is the Slots – Pharaoh’s Way free coins earning and levelling up system.

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For example, for every bet with coins on Pharaoh’s Way slots you earn diamonds (the bigger the bet, the more diamonds). Diamonds determine your Level at the casino. After 150 diamonds, you level up to Level 2, at 650 – Level 3, etc.

While Slots – Pharaoh’s Way is where you play slots, it’s not a casino in the traditional sense. Here you travel along the River Nile (as well as many other worlds) as an adventure, unlocking new games and rewards in the process.

Are you interested in trying? Here’s what you should know.

Your bankroll starts with 40,000 coins. Which is OK, but not great. You will also get a 4-hour bonus (4400 coins).

You will be invited to play the first slot – The Tomb of Enhom-te. First bets you can make are only 1 and 2 coins per spins. As your bankroll is over 40,000, you have spins for a millennium! For now.
slots pharaoh's way free coins
If you have been following this guide, your bankroll should’ve not changed much. All you can bet is at level 3 is 5 coins per spin, while on Level 4 your max bet is 10 coins.

slots pharaoh's way cheats

What’s next? More rewards! Let’s head to the lobby.

Right next to your balance there will be the Lucky Spin icon. Spin it now and take your reward.

Another 100 coins are there for you if you share the game with a friend. You see an envelope below? That’s it.

Now head back to the first slot and reach the Level 10 to move the story forward.

But keep an eye on the bankroll. You’re not betting 1/2 anymore. When bets per spin rise to 15, and then 25, you may start seeing changes in your bankroll.

Next Step – More Rewards and More Games (Level 10 -20)

This game is one of the strangest of Slots – Pharaoh’s Way slots. It looks like a classic slot. It feels like it. 3×3 layout, BAR symbols, bells, etc. But the slot has Wilds. And bonus rounds. And every possible payline.

You either fall in love with it, or it will feel just too weird.

I hope you like it. It has its charm, but it takes a while to see it.

If you don’t, head to the lobby and scroll left. You will be able to update your app and get three new slots to take you to the next phase (Level 20 to Level 30). Just download and play.

 slots pharaoh's way

Sometimes Pharaoh’s Way Slots will release new games and let you try them. Just like recently they added a new slot, which you will be able to play on level 830. If you’re new, that’s quite the climb forward.

But for a limited time (20 minutes) you can play it free. We got to play Pixie Slots!

pharaoh's way pixie slots

Quick Slots – Pharaoh’s Way Cheats – Earn Free Coins

As we said in the beginning, to play Pharaoh’s Way Slots you will need coins. What do you do if you ever run out of luck and coins? There are cheats you can use.

For example, Slots – Pharaoh’s Way free coins generator.

To get more coins on Slots – Pharaoh’s Way you enter your user info, select desired number of coins and confirm that you are a real person.

To be fair, it’s not a guaranteed method. None of the popularized Slots – Pharaoh’s Way cheats are. Because the casino doesn’t want to generate free coins. So, they will block IPs, buy out hackers, issue updates to stop working hacks, etc.

Lucky for player, the casino is always in the part of the chaser. The hack is released, players get to use it until the casino catches up. Then, a new hack is released.

If you find that is stopped working, let us know. We’ll update this generator with a working one and let you know.


Slots – Pharaoh’s Way is not a traditional casino. It will be a perfect fit for anyone who is looking for fresh games. During the testing phase, the casino had generous payouts throughout all games and several big updates offering new games and promotions.

Is it worth checking out? Absolutely!

Is it worth staying? That’s a decision you will have to make yourself.