Draw and Guess with Pinturillo 2

Pinturillo 2

Games where players need to guess what another player has drawn are always popular.

Pinturillo 2 is a game for people who love this kind of artistic game. Find out how to play Pinturillo 2 in this handy guide to the drawing game.

The rules of Pinturillo 2

Pinturillo 2 is a drawing game that in many ways is similar to other drawing games. It is a multi-player game and you can play in a game against randomly chosen opponents or against a group of friends.

When it is your turn, you will be given a word from the Pinturillo 2 word list and you must draw it. The other players must guess what it is that you have drawn.

The Clock

The clock counts down from 100 while you draw. The longer there is left on the clock, the more points a player can score.

There is a chat on the right hand side of the screen and you type your guess there. Any guesses which are wrong will appear in the chat.

If a player guesses correctly, their guess does not appear in the chat. This allows other players to keep guessing and they can score points too.

Players are aware of the number of letters in the word they must guess. After some time has elapsed, a letter will appear in the word to give players a clue.

The more time passes, the more letters appear. There are fewer points available once letters appear in the word.

The chat section of Pinturillo 2 can also be used for chatting with the other players in the room.

Each player in the room has their chance to draw one of the words from the Pinturillo 2 word list. There are three rounds in each game, meaning a player gets to draw three times.

Whichever player has the highest score at the end of the three rounds is the winner.

It is not permitted to help players in any way when it is your turn to draw. Typing any clue into the chat or writing the word rather than drawing it is forbidden.

If you do either of these, you can be penalised and ejected from the game.


If you go into the lobby in Pinturillo 2, you can see a number of rooms where you can play. Click or tap on the one you wish to enter.

Each room is for anything from four to eight players, depending on the number of opponents you wish to play against.

There is also the option to join a random public game against strangers, or you can set up your own game with friends.

To enter a private room you need the room number and a code. There is also a chat section in the lobby for talking to other Pinturillo 2 players.

Is there a Pinturillo 2 hack?

pinturillo 2 hackThere are ways which can help you win at Pinturillo 2, but calling any of them a Pinturillo 2 hack is possibly pushing it. It is more like cheating.

It is possible to play dishonestly, as in a lot of drawing games. Some players choose to write the word rather than draw it if they can’t think of how the word can be drawn.

One good thing about Pinturillo 2 is that it allows you to report players who do this for cheating. You do this by clicking on the user’s ID and then clicking report.

Some of the words on the Pinturillo 2 word list can be extremely challenging to draw, but there is no way around it. If you can’t draw it, you will forfeit that round.

Where to play Pinturillo 2

pinturillo 2 word list appPinturillo 2 is available on many websites which offer online games. You can play it on your PC and draw the pictures using your mouse.

An easier way to play is on your mobile phone or tablet. Anything with a touch screen will make it much easier to draw pictures.

There is a Pinturillo 2 app which is available for Android or iOS devices. This is easy to download and install and you can get it from the usual app store where you get your games.