Eat Your Greens and Play Pokemon Green!

pokemon greenPokemon is a widely received game all over the world. When Pokemon Green, Red, Blue, and other versions were released in the market, they became a huge hit.

They are RPG games that were introduced to the public in February 1996 in Japan.

Charizard is the mascot of the red version while Venosaur is the mascot of the green version. The abovementioned versions were the very first games produced by Game Boy. After that, many other games were created and even an anime came out.

Plot and features of Pokemon Leaf Green

Pokemon Green is the original Pokemon released. In this game, your aim is to achieve a Pokemon master level. The game starts in a place called Kanto where a player starts their journey to becoming a Pokemon master.

The player gets to have a Pokedex which provides information about different Pokemons. Basically, what you have to do is get all of the 151 Pokemons. Along the way, you will also have to fight 8 gym leaders and defeat the Elite Four.

Pokemon Green is compatible with other versions of Pokemon, including Blue, Yellow, Red, Crystal, Gold, and Silver. It has a Game Link Cable that you can use to battle and even trade Pokemons with other players and friends.

Only released in Japan

Pokemon Green and Red were released in Japan while the Blue and Red versions were also introduced abroad. There was a slight confusion as people thought that the Green version was the Blue one.

Eventually, the 3 versions of Pokemon became available in Japan. Unfortunately, Pokemon Green version was not released abroad. Pokemon Green was remade and became Pokemon Leaf Green.

How is Pokemon Green different from other versions?

The plot is basically the same. However, there are some notable differences. First, the locations of Pokemons are different in Pokemon Green. In addition, there are some certain Pokemons that you can catch. They include Kadabra, Jynx, and Lickitung.

pokemon green originalOne thing you will like about Pokemon Green is that there are also more items that you can use. For instance, you get to have HP Ups in Pokemarts.

The sprites in this game are also different. This is one of the reasons why it was not released overseas.

In this game, you can go to the Unknown Dungeon where you can find Mewtwo. In other versions, you cannot do so. The cave is very different from other Pokemon versions too.

Although Pokemon Green was not released in other countries, it still didn’t change the fact that Pokemon is one of the most popular animes and video games ever created.

The challenge for you is to defeat your enemies and capture all the Pokemons to become a Pokemon master.

With different Pokemon characteristics, you will have to strategize and find ways to find and then, eventually, catch them!