Pop Slots: 2018 Review, Free Chips, Cheats and More


Have you played Pop Slots yet? Read this review and you’ll want to. Especially for the Pop Slots free chips you can claim.

You won’t believe what I found.

Maybe just a couple of weeks ago I was browsing the App Store for another casino app to review.

POP! Slots – Casino Slot Games And there it was. Pop Slots Casino.

Just from the screenshots you could tell it has some unique qualities.

Pop Slots is a social casino like many others but it’s also a real-life benefit program. What I mean is that you can play free slots for as long as you want. However, you will also be collecting reward points which will be available for exchange in real Las Vegas Casinos. And not only Las Vegas!

How cool is that?

The gaming area of the casino is separated into several rooms representing Las Vegas. You start at the MGM Grand.

Pop Slots welcome screen

But as you progress up the levels, you will unlock the Mirage, Mandalay Bay, Bellagio, and other casinos from Las Vegas and beyond.

Before we get on about the best cheats and tips to get you free coins, I will quickly go over some important details, to make this a proper and official Pop Slots review and not just an opinion piece.

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A Lightning Fast Pop Slots Review

The real title of the Casino is POP! Slots – Casino Slot Games which was launched by PlayStudios in 2013. What started as a Facebook game, quickly grew into so much more.

The game is available on Windows, Android and iOS devices. With an average rating of 4.7 POP Slots is one of the highest rated Casinos on the Play Store.

The game allows you to walk around the casino and even interact with other players.

Pop Slots lobby

Pop Slots Free Chips and Loyalty Points

As you know, Pop Slots has a unique benefit. You can earn discounts and rewards at ACTUAL Las Vegas casinos.

You can get pretty much anything you can think of. Cruise tickets, private tables, tickets to shows. The list goes on an on.

Pop Slots Free Chips

How do you earn loyalty points? 

At Pop! Slots you earn loyalty points mostly by purchasing chips, in-game currency for playing slots. Unfortunately, with many real casinos involved in the rewards program, there are no Pop Slot cheats to get more loyalty points.

But as you will learn in just a second, there are other opportunities to earn Pop Slots free chips, loyalty points and experience points.

Pop Slot Tips, Tricks and Free Chips All Day Long

1.      Get Know Your Games

That’s crucial.

Pop Slots 2018 Review, Free Chips, Cheats and More

When you start, you are led to the first slot ‘MGM Grand Mega Stars’. This Slot machine is quite volatile. You can some big wins here, but also some empty stretches.

Other games, like Emerald 7’s is less volatile. Wins are frequent, however in many cases their value will be equal or lower than your wager.

Take your time to explore the lobby and don’t raise the stakes too early!

2.      Don’t Raise the Stakes

It’s worth repeating, don’t raise the stakes just because you level up.

Especially on Slots where most wins come back a 1/10 of the original wager. Most of them will.

3.      Come Back Often

Short, frequent sessions will help you boost your starting bankroll immensely.


With so many hourly and daily bonus coins, you can make a fortune coming back several times a day. For example, you start with 40,000 coins. But if you leave the app and come back, you will get a comeback bonus of 90,000!

Coming back daily will present you with 125,000 free coins, while logging in for several days in a row will give you even more.

4.      Don’t Believe the Coolest/ Hottest Machine Tips

I’m not saying they are wrong but, at least in my experience, you shouldn’t rely on these indicators.

5.      Pick a Female Character

Female CharacterI know it may sound cheesy, but it works. You are playing with real people at Pop Slots, people that can interact between each other and share gifts.

I’ve tested this. While it’s not a grand sample size, I’m 99% certain that at Pop Slots you will get many more gifts from other players if you pick a female avatar.

6.      Pop Those Balloons

While we’re on the subject of gifts, last little tip.

When you sit down at a slot machine, people around you will come and go. Some of them will want to share small gifts with you. At Pop Slots, this is done via balloons (I wish I got that much, much sooner).

When you are playing, pay attention to the side of the screen where the players are. If you see a balloon, click it. These small rewards include cash, loyalty point and experience.

7.      To Facebook or not to Facebook?

Some of you who are playing on mobile apps may be hesitant to connect your Facebook account. There’s no much reward for that, either. You get some free chips. That’s it.

To Facebook or not to Facebook

Facebook is important for those of you, who plan on going hard on loyalty point hunt. They say so themselves. But if you don’t plan on going to Las Vegas and cashing in on those rewards, connecting your Facebook account to the game account won’t do much for you.

I hope you found something interesting in this review and, if you give Pop Slots Casino a try, please let me know if you liked it!


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