Realm Grinder Guide: Cheats and Strategy Tips

realm grinder guide

If you’re into idle clicker games, you’re going to love this one. I’m here to provide the best cheats and strategy tips for Realm Grinder for the best gaming experience to all those who love this game.

Realm Grinder logoThis complete strategy guide should help you get the most out of this awesome game and, since we know that you’re going to be playing like crazy, we want to give you the ability to enjoy it even more.

Among many useful things that you’re going to learn, you should focus on when and how to abdicate, the best tricks for maximizing your profits, the best Realm Grinder factions in the game, and so on.

To put it simply, this Realm Grinder guide will quickly and easily help you become a pro. You’ll master this game like never before so let us get down to it.

Choose Your Side Wisely

Which one are you, a good guy or a bad guy?

Well, it honestly doesn’t matter.

Aside from the option to choose the Vanilla faction which allows you to choose between Good and Evil, it’s good to know that each side has something special to offer for you.

Different factions offer different bonuses, different game structures. Each mode provides a new and fresh experience.

Realm Grinder factions

If you ask me, you should be Evil in this game. But it’s entirely up to you.

It’s just that the Evil mode has a lot to offer in terms of offline production. So, you can expect more resources, bonuses, and upgrades even when you’re not actually playing or actively tapping. Take this as an advantage that’ll help you save time.

So, if Evil works for you just fine, choose your favorite faction: Demon, Undead, or Goblin, each with different skills and achievements that are waiting to be unlocked.

If you really want to upgrade your Realm Grinder strategy, it would be good to start with the Goblin, then move to the Undead, and finish with the Demon.

Realm Grinder googlePlayThe Goblin makes it easier to earn money in the beginning, so it gives you a chance for a good head start. Stick with the Goblin for one or two Abdications and then move to the Undead.

That way, you can make more money to unlock more advanced bonuses so that you can choose the Demon.

The more you build your game with each faction, the more you become skillful. This is a valuable experience because you need to pick the right time to make the transition from one faction to the other.

Don’t wait too long with your upgrades. The more expensive your building gets, the more income you produce. So, each second counts.

Handle Your Mana with Care

Besides choosing the Realm Grinder best faction, your mana is one of the essential elements in your gameplay.

Mana is like a special skill that allows you to make big money in a timely manner. It works pretty simply.

Wait until you get full mana, then use it to increase building production by 1000%. So, it’s like a special power that gains you leverage in crucial moments of your gameplay.


This is important for your Realm Grinder walkthrough. So, once you use your mana, follow it with a Tax Collection and get a chance to boost the amount of your income from all of your buildings for 30 seconds. Use that new and easy money to build everything you need.

If you are playing the Undead faction, follow your Blood Frenzy skill with a Tax Collection, focus on the undead buildings because that results in even more income.

The more you use Tax Collection, the more money you make. Each time your mana replenishes, you can do it again.

That’s how you gain in-game leverage and make big money in no time.

How to Abdicate

One of the most important Realm Grinder tips is that you can abdicate quite frequently, but it’s the right moment that really counts.

To abdicate means to reset the game. If something goes terribly wrong or you’re not happy with the events in your current gameplay, you can start from scratch by choosing to abdicate.

Now, it may sound like something bad but wait for it.

Realm Grinder achievementsWhen you abdicate, you get a bonus. A huge one. The reincarnation power removes all your gems, excavations, and stats, but gains new reincarnation powers, unique upgrades, unique buildings, and so on.

Based on the time played and how many times you reincarnate, you get different bonuses. Get up to 200 excavations before you reset and get the most from the stats reset for new bonuses.

Abdication facilitates further progress in the game because it increases your chances of getting precious faction coins by 3% while at the same time giving you a 2% production bonus on each Gem you generated in your previous gameplay. That’s exactly why it’s the right moment that really counts.

While the game recommends patience, the best thing to do is not to follow the rules and discover the right moment to abdicate by yourself.

Here’s a useful tip: The more Gems you have before you abdicate, the easier it will be further on. Enough said.

Abdicate and Get more Upgrades

The whole point of this game is to make it harder on you the more you play it.

Of course, you have certain aids that you can use as additional help, like a Realm Grinder research guide but, if you really want to achieve progress and use your new production bonus to your advantage, you can abdicate and get new upgrades and more buildings.

So, with that in mind, the right time to abdicate would be somewhere around 1500 Gems.

If you can make it up to 2000, that’s even better.

Realm Grinder realmUse your Realm Grinder challenge guide to learn more about your possibilities each time you abdicate. Since the main trick is to make more money all the time, things get a lot easier when your Gem numbers are sky high.

In truth, the more Gems you have before you abdicate, the better for you. Now, there’s one more thing that is really important to unlock upgrades.

The first coin you make gives you the ability to activate the Gems’ bonus. So, you need to invest that first coin to get the bonus so that you can start all over again.

Once you reach a good number of Gems, abdicate and transfer your gameplay to a new level. Simple as that.

Remember, abdication helps you to progress even further and it’s a kind of soft reset that gives you a fresh start.

Abdicate and get your hands on the secret trophies, better options for building upgrades. And so on.

Faction Coins – Save Coins to Unlock Upgrades

During your gameplay, you will notice some kind of coins popping out here and there.

These are faction coins that you’re required to collect along the way.

They tend to randomly drop at certain places but you can make them drop more often by tapping the screen.

Use Faction coins to increase the production revenue. Now, you have to spend them and a good way would be on the Royal Exchange.

Realm Grinder bonusThe Royal Exchange gives you a 10% bonus, which can be increased as you progress.

Every time you buy a Royal Exchange, you get a shot at getting a bigger production bonus.

That way, each time you start Realm Grinder, you get unique buildings. Now, one of the most important tips for all of you is to never spend your Faction coins for your current Faction but rather save them for later.

You’ll need all the coins you can get to unlock interesting upgrades that are much better than any bonuses you can get.

As for other Factions, spend as more as you possibly can. So, in the end, it’s safe to say that Realm Grinder offers a lot of fun and useful possibilities that any player can enjoy. Once you get used to how this game works, your fun is guaranteed.

Find all the extra options available, unlock upgrades, learn how to use your mana and when is the right moment to abdicate, gain awesome reincarnation powers, up your bonuses and of course, try every faction available.

Other than the Vanilla faction, there are three more: Neutral, Prestige, and Mercenary. Again, all with different upgrades, secret trophies, and plenty of possibilities.

Basically, Realm Grinder is one of those games that looks like there’s not much going on in there but, in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

The more you play and the more you progress, the more interesting it gets. But remember, it’s important that you don’t spend all of your free time playing.

Still, when you want to have some fun, relax and play a game that simply makes you happy. We honestly believe that Realm Grinder is perfect for that.


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