Rocket League redeem codes

Rocket League redeem codes

I don’t know how they did it, but Rocket League managed to tap into a very special niche. Even though there is a loyal following for sports games, it’s not an industry that is expanding rapidly.

In other words, the fanbase is large, but stable. Plus, a lot of players are split by different sports.

Rocket League managed to pull together football falls, basketball fans, hockey fans, as well as players that weren’t that interested in sports at all.

The fact that you can accidentally knock in a beautiful goal makes it even better.

And if you do it while looking incredible, that’s worth sharing with your friends and the world. You don’t need to spend money to buy custom parts for your cars. There are free Rocket League redeem codes you can use.

Rocket League Redeem Codes – How Do They Work?

If you’re looking for redeem codes for Rocket League, I assume you know what the game is about.

So, without going too much into detail, I will just remind you that Rocket League is available online and offline, in single player as well as multiplayer across all major gaming platforms.

rocket league free redeem codesWhich is important for redeem codes. Because Rocket League works in seasons just like Fortnite.

A season can have multiple promotions or a single theme. That’s why, as you will soon see, there are a lot of WWE themed Rocket League free redeem codes.

How do you use Rocket League redeem codes?

It’s simple. Open Rocket League, go to Extras, select Redeem Codes, and enter the code.

WWE Themed Rocket League Redeem Codes

Let me be honest, I’m not a big fan of WWE. However, I have to give it to them. They put on a great spectacle. WWE decals, wheels, and such can really make your vanilla car look much better.

  • WWE18

Let’s begin with a double gift! Two limited player banners (RAW and Wrestlemania) will be yours with the redeem code WWE18.

  • Wrestlemania

Speaking of Wrestlemania, it’s also a redeem code for five limited player banners – RAW, Wrestlemania 34, NXT, Smackdown Live, and, my personal favorite, Monday Night Raw.

  • WWEDads

Here’s something special – a set of WWE Wheels. Enter code WWEDads to redeem.

  • RLBirthday

With the redeem code RLBirthday, you will get a Smackdown Live Limited Player banner (similar, but not identical to the one you get with the Wrestlemania redeem code).

redeem codes for rocket league WWE

Miscellaneous Redeem Codes for Rocket League

  • Shazam

Do you know the new superhero movie Shazam? Enter the SHAZAM redeem code, and get a free Shazam Wheels as well as a Shazam Octane Decal.

  • Popcorn

Now, who doesn’t like Popcorn? Some (a lot of) butter, salt (or sugar, I’m not judging). Especially, if that delicious snack powers your vehicle.

Type in Popcorn as a Rocket League redeem code to get a limited rocket boost. Made of popcorn, obviously.

  • Rlnitro

Type in RLNITRO as a redeem code to get a limited decal the Breakout:Nitro Circus as well as a Nitro Circus Limited Flag.

  • Moai Antenna

Moai, or as they are better known, Easter Island Heads are surrounded by mystery. Maybe that’s why to get this limited antenna, you have to do something special.

Technically, it’s still a redeem code, but instead of typing in a word, you must open the game, and enter this sequence:

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A.

As far as we know, these codes do not expire. Though, we can’t guarantee what the developers’ actions will be. There are also some limited-time Rocket League redeem codes. If you read this as it is published. try codes like KONAMI and WWEFIGHTNIGHT. Both of these are lottery codes. That’s why nobody knows what they can get in advance. If you’re lucky, you might even get valuable item to use in trade.

We’ll cover this next.

rocket league free stuff

More Free Stuff (Rocket League free redeem codes and MORE)

Rocket League redeem codes is not the only way to get free stuff on Rocket League. There is a complex trading system.

In fact, I’d say that Rocket League is one of the games, where, in addition to improving your skills, you must work on increasing your friend network.

First, even though you can play Rocket League as a single player game, it’s arguably ten times more fun against your friends.

Trading, as mentioned, is also a big part of the game. But here’s the thing. The items you get via redeem codes above are not that valuable because, well, they are available for free.

In order to get keys (in-game currency) for new and unique decals, antennas, wheels, and more, you must grind out some items by playing and, preferably, winning.

Actually, if you know the game Warframe, it’s a lot like it.

There’s good news. New Rocket League redeem codes and free keys can be found every month. There is a myriad of companies, trying to capitalize on the success of the game. So, to get your attention, they are organizing lotteries and giveaways.

rocket league free redeem codes and moreIf you have Twitter, check out the hashtag #RocketLeague. If you are on Facebook, look through fan pages and private groups.

If you’re on neither of those, go to the official Rocket League subreddit on Reddit.

In addition to news and gossip, you can learn a lot of new promotions and best trading practices.

If you have time and are ready to put in the effort, join the official Discord channel. You’ll find lots of helpful people, best tricks of the game, and of course Rocket League redeem codes.

Not often. But at least you’ll be one of the first ones to get there, instead of using publicly available redeem codes for Rocket League.