How to 10x Your Scatter Slots Bankroll: Scatter Slots Free Coins Guide

Scatter Slots

Not without its flaws, Scatter Slots is a remarkable casino for players who want to experience casino in a different way. Here I’ll show you how you can grow your bankroll with Scatter Slots Free Coins.

  • At Scatter Slots you get millions of free coins from weekly game features
  • Play to complete quests – unlock new exciting games like the Blade Dancer.
  • You can play Scatter Slots via Android or iOS devices, or a Windows computer.

Mediocre payouts and remarkable features. These five words could sum up my experience at the Scatter Slots.

Payouts always depend on luck. But for this review I started a new Scatter Slots account and my journey was very similar to the first. Though, payouts do get better when you unlock more slots.

Having to play second time around I’ve picked up some Scatter Slots cheats. Not only they keep my bankroll afloat, but actually, I managed to multiply my bankroll by 40 times.

One of the cheats I use is the Scatter Slots coins and gems generator. I’ll explain how it works below, but if you want to try it out now, here’s your chance.

Please note that social casino apps change a lot. Features are added in as well as removed. Your experience may differ from the guide below, so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Stay Away From Slots

Like I said in the introduction, payouts on slots are often mediocre. That’s probably why you are reading this in the first place.

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That means that you must:

  • Play Slots Smart
  • Utilize Scatter Slots free coins
  • Look for extra features (free spins, non-slot games, etc.)

First Scatter Slots will take you through a 5-step tutorial, where you will play two different slots (Lady Femida and Wild Arrow) and complete several missions.

scatter slots free coins gift

For the record, when you are given this choice, play Lay Femida. At least they have a pretty cool avalanche feature with potential for 50 free spins.

scatter slots free spins

Plus, there’s a bonus game.

scatter slots bonus gameOn Wild Arrow you will get frequent free spins, but a big win is very unlikely.

Some examples:

  • Spin 20 times;
  • Play 10 times Max bet;
  • Play Free Spins;

You started with 12 million coins and 50 Gems. When you get to the second slot Wild Arrow, as part of one mission you will be asked to make some spins at 400,000 coins per spin.

For me, this was a very unlucky round where I lost around 3 million coins. But then I found the Ocean Kingdom, a jackpot game which worked as a rewards program. In short, you collect pearls for completing missions, spin a jackpot wheel and see what you win.

I couldn’t believe it.

From 9 million coins to 140 million within 2 minutes.

So, if you’re at Scatter Slots, remember one thing. Features here are awesome coin-makers. If the Ocean Kingdom expired, there will be some other feature. Often, more than one.

scatter slots features

Scatter Slots – Currency and Bonuses

Let’s get back to traditional gameplay. And by traditional, I mean collecting bonuses and playing your heart out. That’s where playing smart comes in handy.

Never start a slot machine with big bets. First, get the feel (because you can’t know) how much does the machine payout. If your luck is any like mine, you’ll experience very low payouts on the second slots machine, but frequent 10 free spins bonus rounds should keep your bankroll nice and healthy.

What to do next?

Well, you try getting free coins on Scatter Slots at every opportunity. Because if I know one thing about slots, luck always changes. You will need coins to act as a cushion.

  1. Pick all the hourly bonuses. That’s where Android and iOS versions are superior to Facebook. The app can notify you when the bonuses are up for the taking.scatter slots hourly bonuses
  2. Also, review the app. You get nice rewards for leaving a rating.
  3. Return every day. Scatter Slots free coins bonuses for returning players are outstanding.
  4. Complete your Daily Review
    scatter slots daily review
  5. Complete Daily Challenges. You must complete five ANY tasks from the list to get the rewards. That’s an extra 2.5 million coins every day.scatter slots daily tasks
  6. Find best way to complete quests. Quests are not glorious coin producers (200,000 per quest), but each quest gives you free gems as well as some extras.scatter slots quests

If you’re asked to spin a certain number of spins, do it on a minimal bet available on the slot machines game. Or, when you asked to win X amount of coins, crank that wager up. There’s a best way each of the different quests.

Another reason not to go overboard with your bets is that when you complete quests, you also collect status points. Your second-tier status, which is Bronze, awaits you at the completion of Quest #10. New status, better rewards.

Scatter Slots cheats: The Best Hack Tool

If you find yourself down on coins, you need a good Scatter Slots hack. While there are many

Scatter Slots cheats flowing around, I haven’t tried most of them. Therefore, I can’t comment on them.
But I did try one tool to get 100 million Scatter Slots free coins.

It’s essentially Scatter Slots coins and gems generator. You can get virtually unlimited coins, unlimited gems, you name it. Though it won’t produce any Status points or upgrades for special game features we talked before.

But it’s quick and simple to use. Enter your log in information, pick the Scatter Slots free coins and coins will be added to your account instantly.

Scatter Slots is not your typical Vegas casino

There are a lot of dark fantasy, skulls and blood. It won’t be a slot casino for everyone.

But you have to give it to them. The app has character. And so many extra ways to earn coins. That’s a breathtaking combination for a casino.

Is Scatter Slots – the best casino? Not if you are looking for a place with a new casino game each day. You have to complete 12 quests until you can unlock a third slot machine on Scatter Slots.

scatter slots collection

But the casino is packed with great features and interesting collections, which are the best Scatter Slots free coins makers.

Let me know what you think about Scatter Slots!


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