Slotpark Guide for New Players: How to Win Slotpark Free Slots


Play the best of classic, real Las Vegas slots at Slotpark. Actually, much more! Without our guide you will never have to buy coins again.

  • Slotpark has plenty of slots and poker for all players.
  • Big daily rewards!
  • Find out a secret hack to Slotpark free slots.

If you come to Slotpark, you must love Novomatic slots. That’s a big part of why Slotpark is such a hit. You get access to all of the classic games but without having to travel to Las Vegas or deposit at an online casino.

But you still need coins. Slotpark Casino will get you plenty to start with, but you will need more to play higher bet slots.

In this guide I will show you how I we will show you how.

Guide to Playing Slotpark Free Slots the Right Way

Start by downloading Slotpark from Google Play or the App Store. Slotpark on Google play currently has one million players and a 4.4-star rating. Or play directly through your browser.

slotpark google play

Please note, that Slotpark Casino is not available in every country. If you really want to play their slots, some of you may need to use a VPN.

What’s next?

Gather all the coins, of course!

slotpark free slotsSlotpark is quite a small social casino. No no, not in terms of games. There are over 100 slots machines here, including the classics like:

  • Sizzling Hot
  • Sizzling Hot Deluxe
  • Book of Ra (the original)
  • Lucky Lady’s Charm

Most of them will be available to you as soon as you join. The rest you will have to unlock by playing and reaching new XP levels.

What we mean by ‘small’ is the low coin count and simplistic interface. In other words, it’s not one of those social casinos that gives you 100 million coins and make you bet 500,000 per spin. Here you only start with 10.000 coins (as they are called Slotpark dollars), but the bets also start low. Lowest is 10 coins per spin. Plenty spins to start with.

And Slotpark Casino is not a place where you get leaderboards, tournaments, and other, sometimes rather distracting features. On the contrary, it’s clean and easy to get around.

If you want a realistic and straightforward social casino, Slotpark on Google Play or the App Store is among the best choices.

Slotpark Casino – How to Earn Coins

Here’s a secret. Earning free coins at the Slotpark Casino is not easy. Finding a slot game with decent wins is quite hard. So, most of your free coins will come from extra features, bonuses and daily tasks.

  • You can register, which will get you 15,000 coins straight away.
  • There is also a daily bonus, where at low XP levels you will get you often get around 1.500.
  • There’s a new bonus every four hours. Which also has a couple of nice multipliers based on your current XP level and number of friends.
  • You also get a bonus when you level up.

If you want a good chance of winning, play these games:

  • Lord of the Ocean
  • Lucky Lady’s Charm
  • Sizzling Hot

Slotpark free slots

At least these games have lots of free spins rounds.

However, luck is a fickle mistress, so unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that you will get your desired big wins on these slots. That’s why we always recommend to never push your bets. Casinos want you to, because losing means that you will probably buy coins.

Remember, this is for entertainment purposes only. There is no difference if you make 10,000 coin bets or 100,000 coin bets. This is not a place to win real money. It’s a place to relax and have tons of fun.

But the best (safe, slow, and lucrative) game is the American Poker. It’s a variant of Jacks or better video poker with Wild. Minimum bet here is just 100 coins. You don’t win much, but for a slow and steady bankroll building this game is perfect.

Just like the famous Novomatic Slots, the American Poker also has the 50/50 Double or Nothing feature. As a general rule, don’t play it. Especially after big wins (Straights, Flushes, etc). You have a 10,000-something bankroll, why risk a guaranteed 1,0000 prize?

Slotpark Casino – Hack That Will Earn You 500,000 Coins

slotpark registerThere is one way to get coins fast. Using this coin hack, you can get from 100,000 to 500,000 free coins.

First, you have to get ready. Go into your app and register an account. This hack cannot be used with a guest account. By registering, you will be assigned a unique casino name.

Here you will be asked to enter your username and select the platform you play on.

Next, select coins. Not every option works at all times, so don’t assume that biggest is necessarily best.

Click next and complete the human verification process.

If you’ve done everything correctly, you can return to your app and use your fresh batch of free coins.

Slotpark Online Casino – Best at What it Does

Sometimes we like to play casinos with a story. This is not it.

Sometimes we want big features and flashy promotions. This is not it.

What Slotpark casino is a perfect calm casino gaming experience. Very few ads or distracting popups. You download and you play. When you’re tired, you put it down.

You don’t get asked to make purchases in the shop or do anything than play your favorite slots free of charge.

You’re here because you’re a fan of the classic Novomatic Slots. And you know, there is no better place than Slotpark to do just that.