Slots Era Guide – Claim 50 million Coins

Slots Era

Slots Era is not so much as a casino, as it is an epic adventure for casino players. You start from one slot machine, 12 million coins and 10 Diamonds.

But if you play right, you will have over 50 million coins on your first day!

Slots Era Tips – What to Avoid

Before you can start splashing the slot reels, you first must know what awaits you at Slots Era casino. You already know that Slots Era is a mission-based casino. Everything you do here is about completing the next mission.

Slots Era Coins quest

Avoid Overbetting

The good news is that you will get lots of free coins during your time at the Slots Era Casino. The bad news is that missions will become harder. Even with a bankroll of 100 million coins, you should not bet more than 500,000 coins per spin.

Avoid Overcommitting

This is a lesson I learned the hard way. During my first days I managed to build my bankroll to 50 million coins. Once again, I returned to a slot machine that was paying out (The Mighty Sword slot). I had a mission to win 775 million coins.

I did… Eventually. But my bankroll had shrunk by half because for almost 30 minutes I did not win almost anything for almost an hour.

If you ever find yourself in a situation like this, my advice is to leave. Sure, the mission is still there. But you have to do something to break the bad luck streak. Get a bonus, even leave the app for a day. When I did that, I had a much better run.

You can also try completing the mission on a different slot.

Avoid the Jackpot

Slots Era will sometimes open a Major Jackpot to entice you with the potential of some extraordinary wins. If you don’t plan to buy coins, don’t start playing for the jackpot. It’s way too expensive and risky for your free starting bankroll.


How to Complete Slots Era Missions The Right Way?

When you try to complete a mission at Slots Era, there are a couple of things to consider. First, selection.

Each mission step (unless you just unlocked a new slot machine) will be available on three slot machines.

Slots Era tasks

Here are the types of missions:

  • Break the Ice – Release locked symbols by using them in a winning combination.
  • Untie the Ropes – Similar to Break the Ice. Though, here every symbol slot is tied, but symbols themselves are not locked in.
  • Win X on Free Spins – Win a number of coins during free spins round
  • Spin X Times – Spin a number of times.
  • Win X in Base Game – Win a number of coins total.
  • Collect Symbols – Hit a specific symbols a number of times
  • Bet Max – Play Max bet.

First, check out all three slots to see what missions re available in this step. Little icons next to casino slots will give you a hint. When you’ve done that, which one to choose?

If you have the option, try to avoid ‘Win X’ missions, Bet Max, as well as Break the Ice. While the latter is similar to Untie Ropes, it may take much longer because you get rare symbols locked in reels four and five.

Best missions (more so than not) are Spin X times, Collect Symbols and Win X on Free Spins. The deal with the first two is pretty simple. There’s little luck involved. Set the bet, let it spin, and the mission will be completed in no time. Even on the lowest bet.

Same thing with Win X in Free Spins. You can set the bet to minimum (or close to it). With missions like Win 800,000 coins via Free Spins on the Lionheart slot, you will finish the mission easy even on 25,000 bet limit (though, it will take some time).

Plus, the Lionheard slot and The True Spirit slot have a consecutive win bonus. Use diamonds if you’re one combination away from a free spins round.

Slots Era free coins

There’s plenty to look forward to for everyone who loves free coins.

Hourly bonuses are great. It’s worth taking the time every 60 seconds to grab as most as possible(which is often at least one million coins).

Slots Era free spins

Also, use your upgrade points on the symbols. And collect your Facebook account bonus. You’ll get 6 million coins plus unlock an additional reel on the hourly bonus slot.

Review Bonuses With Multipliers

When you download Slots Era casino, don’t rush to leave a review. On your first day you will be asked to leave feedback, which will earn you 10 million coins. Also, every day when you come back to Slots Era, you can accept to check out a review from other players and get more free coins. Keep in mind that here coming back to the app for consecutive days will result in a bonus multiplier.

Slots Era Bonus

Featured Games

From the main quest map, you can access featured games – two and three-day promotions that reward big prizes for free. Don’t worry about the bigger prizes. You can get them only if you make coin purchases. Nevertheless, free prizes are great too. I’m once banked 40 million free coins during a single day!

Slots Era hack

For the most part, Slots Era is much more generous than other mobile casinos of this type. But you must stay focused. Downswings happen in every luck-based game, no matter if you’re in Las Vegas or on your couch playing mobile.

Whenever that happens, here’s one of the best Slots Era cheats you will find.

Slots Era hack works thanks to smart guys that update their coin generator tool. It’s really simple. Just enter your username, pick a coin hack and use it.


Slots Era will probably be only one of the casinos installed on your device. But it will be the one you’re most excited to come back to. Because in the world of online slots casinos, there’s only one adventure casino such as Slots Era.