Spades Plus Cheats for Gold Coins: Hack 2018 (LIVE!)

Spades Plus Cheats

Spades Plus is one of the most popular games in the world, with more than 75,000 people turning to Google every month to find Spades Plus Cheats for gold coins and play free games online.

As the developers of the app (Zynga, the same company behind other popular games like Zynga Poker and FarmVille) say, Spades Plus is “the largest Spades community in the world with millions of online players.”

However, this is not a review of Spades Plus.

I am not going to cover the details about the app in this article. If you want me to, let me know in the comments below and I will do my best to review the Spades Plus game this month.

Today, I am going to analyze the Spades Plus cheat to get Gold Coins that I have found online.Spades Plus Cheats

It’s a hack similar to the one I have already discussed yesterday to get MyVegas free coins and I found it through the same people who pointed me in that direction.

Does the Spade Plus free gold coins cheat works?

It did for me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be reviewing it.Spades Plus Gold Coins Hack Apk

However, it did not work every time – meaning I had to try a couple of times before I could get the free gold coins link to work and the generator to give me what I requested.

Spade Plus Cheat for Gold Coins

The people who created this Free Gold Coins Cheat for Spade Plus claim it’s “the most up-to-date Spades Plus cheats” and promises that it will take your bankroll to such heights that you will win all your games.


Although I am not sure that’s true, let’s face it: some free gold coins to plat Spades Plus are always welcome.

This is a 100 percent online hack, meaning you don’t need to download any dangerous software and you can also run it through your mobile.

Spades Plus Free Gold Coins Generator

Simply click on the link above – or visit this page – to use the Spades Plus Gold Coin generator from your browser.

Why Use Spades Plus Cheats?

I don’t condone it but – to beat others. Or to play online and have fun for free.

The 20,000 Gold Coins bonus you get when you sign up at Spades Plus is good but unlimited Spades Plus gold coins are obviously better than that.

With Spades Plus cheats you can avoid to spend your hard-earned cash to play on Spades Plus and enjoy as many gold coins as you can for free.

The developers promise that you can generate an infinite amount of Gold Coins by simply refreshing the page after each successful attempt.

While I am not 100 percent sure this works as they promise, the one I am linking on this page is the only Gold Coins generator for Spades Plus that worked for me.

Here’s a quick video that shows you how the whole thing works.

Spades Plus Cheats Online vs. APK Hack Download

The best thing about these cheat codes that you can use to hacking Spades plus is that it’s all browser-based, meaning you do not need to waste your precious time downloading any suspicious mod / apk to your iPhone or Android mobile device.

Gold Coins Hack Spades Plus Cheats

This cheat is completely free. The only thing I noticed is that, from time to time, it will ask you to verify your identity by completing a survey.

I don’t know if there are surveys to get Gold Coins in all countries (it worked from the US), but the devs say that – differently from the apk cheats – this generator requests to fill out a survey only to prove you are not a bit.

If you are interested, you can try the gold coin generator for Spades Plus on this page.


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