Stranger Things The Game: Walkthrough Guide from A to Z

Stranger Things the Game

This is my version of the Stranger Things walkthrough guide you can use to 100% complete the game.

With Stranger Things Season 2 on Netflix right here, we will all want to consume ALL we get about the series.

Don’t let your frustrations stop you if you get stuck, though. Stranger Things 2 a great game with a very-fitting 2D, arcade-style graphics

I want to also give my sincere thanks to App Unwrapper for his videos of the Stranger Things the Game videos (let me know if I can’t use these and I’ll take them off asap.).

How to use the Stranger Things Walkthrough

I’ll show you exactly where the hidden items are stashed.

And by the way, if you want to tell the developers how you enjoyed their games, you can find them at

Before You Start:

  • Stranger Things the Game has two difficulty settings: Normal and Classic. They recommend Normal for pixel-game newbies and warn about
  • The game will take you about 5 hours to complete. Unless you get stuck, Which you will. Just like 100 games before, don’t blame it. I know how you feel but, it’s relatively challenging. Be patient when you find yourself stuck on a level. Follow my steps, pick the right characters and/or loot and you will make it through. Unless the Demogorgon gets you.
  • I’m only kidding. But do remember that the game goes both ways. Sometimes you will pick up items or gain access to characters with unique abilities who will help you in areas you have already passed.
  • Look around and you’ll probably find the reason why you’re stuck. There are a lot of items you can pick up, break or interact in some other way like cameras, boxes, bushes, shelves, etc. Not all of the same character. For instance, Nancy can break through walls, Lucas can attack from range, etc.
  • When you enter the room or an area, you have a couple of seconds until the enemies react. Sort of like the game Adventure Time you find on Don’t give them time to group and attack you – this will often end up in disaster.
  • Each level you start, you get to choose which characters you want to use but you can switch them later if you need. And you will.
  • In addition to trying to collect all characters, you should also look for coins – they will be handy at the shop where you can buy better weapons.
  • In the game, you also collect Eggo Waffles. With 8 of them, you will be able to rescue Eleven.
  • Also, collect VHS tapes. There are 8 VHS tapes in total and as a reward, you get to watch the final Stranger Things trailer.
  • Gnomes (12) and Hearts (33) is also something you will find plenty of.
  • Don’t get lost – use the map which marks the spot where you began the chapter and the direction you need to go.
  • Use cocoons to kill off all the tentacles in the Upside down. Cocoons explode after you hit them (best to do via a ranged attack).
  • Make sure you read the dialogues carefully. Not only they are interesting, they will often reveal crucial information or give various hints.

Characters in Stranger Things

So, you will meet all 7 of the main characters of the series (except for one, sorry Barbs.)

Who? Level Can be found in Special Abilities Additional

Who Chapter Where can be found? Damage Dealt Special Abilities Additional Notes
Hopper First character 1 Damage (+1 with Canadian Tuxedo that can be found next to Librarian’s home. Extra Knockback When at 100% heath has ability to charge.
Lucas Chapter 1 Hawkins Lab 2 Damage, ranged. +100% full health damage bonus Camo Backpack x3
Nancy Chapter 2 Forest Maze 1 Damage (+1 with Aluminum bat from the shop)/+2 with Spiked Bat from Steve Knockdown walls When at 100% health, can through eggs the farthest (3 spaces).
Mike Chapter 3 Hawkins Middle School 1 Damage Stun (flashlight)

With a bike he has abilities to jump and fast travel.


2x damage when 100% health.

Upgrade D-Cell Flashlight – 2x Stun duration.

Will Chapter 4 Sewers 1 Damage Can go through pipes in the sewer.


Fast attack ability when health is low.

Upgrade D20 Dice (+ 5 Damage Critical Strike).   Unlocked with 9 Gnomes.
Dustin Chapter 5 Hawkins Public Library 1 Damage Can distract enemies Lunchbox upgrade (+50 Pudding capacity). Unlocked with 12 Gnomes.
Eleven Chapter 6 Forrest 2 Damage Teleportation When 100% health, massive knockback.

What else?

There is a bunch of collectibles scattered throughout the game. You don’t need all of them to complete the game. However, the developers wouldn’t have put them in the first place if they were not important, so it’s worth searching for.

Now, if you’re set, let’s get ready for a long and exciting journey to the Upside Down.

Stranger Things CHAPTER 1 – The Lost Boys

Level progress – 0% to 10.6%.

The first chapter or the prologue starts with Hopper finding out about 4 missing kids. The chapter is rather short.  In this chapter you will have to find Lucas, defeat an evil scientist and find a way to the This, as any following chapter, ends with a Forest Maze. You pick up Nancy as a character. It gets you to 23.2% completion.

Boss: Mad Scientist. Uses ranged attack and a protective field.

Difficulty: Easy.

How to beat: Use Lucas to hit him from range. But when he activates the protective filed, unlock the door on the left, change the character to Hopper and use melee attack on him. Once the scientist turns on the laser beam again, switch to Lucas and attack him again.

Pick ups:

  • 1x Heart 2/40 (destroy 5 CCTV cameras in the Lab
  • 1x Heart 24 (from Joyce)
  • 1x Eggo Waffle (defeat Mad Scientist)
  • 1x Gnome 3/12 (forest, right from the Lab)
  • 1x VHS 1/8


  • Keys for Joyce
  • Romance novel
  • Hazmat Suit
  • Movie Tickets

Stranger Things CHAPTER 2 – The Gate

Level progress – 10.6% to 23.2%.

In chapter 2 you must go through the Upside Down as Hopper and the Forrest Maze using both characters to rescue Nancy. It’s not a hard level to beat. Just remember, bears love honey which can be beaten down from the tree with a ranged attack.

And check bushes – they have lots of goods hidden in them.

Boss: a band of armored thugs.

Difficulty: Easy.

Hot to beat: No need to overthink this. While thugs change the pattern of their movement a few times,  they move slowly and predictably. Wait until they stop and beat them with Nancy one by one.

Pick ups:

  • 1x Heart 5/40 (use Nancy’s ability to destroy logs)
  • 1x Heart 15/40 (destroy all 5 bird houses)
  • 1x Heart 33/40 (from Mervald)
  • 1x Eggo Waffle (defeat Mad Scientist)
  • 1x Gnome 3/12
  • 1x VHS 2/8 

Stranger Things CHAPTER 3 – The Voice in the Radio

Level progress – 23.2% to 43.2%.

In chapter 3, which is one of the longest chapters in Stranger Things the Game. You will use Lucas and Nancy to go through the Hawkins school. With Hopper you will still be in the school but in the Upside Down world. The chapter has great atmosphere. Enjoy.

Boss: Van Escape

Difficulty: Medium

Hot to beat: A van will start to chase you (Mike). All you have to do is drive and avoid objects blocking two of the three paths. There is a warning 5 seconds before and if you wait long enough before moving, the van will hit objects and get damaged.

Pick ups:

  • 1x Science Textbook
  • 1x Salt
  • 1x Blank Cassette (in one of the lockers)
  • 1x Heart Piece 14 (Break all fire alarms)
  • 1x Gnome 5/12 (from Sam)
  • 1x Eggo Waffle 3
  • 1x VHS 8/8 (Arcade)

When you enter the Junkyard, look for:

  • Game Cartridge
  • Break Pads
  • Bottle of Pop
  • Heart 38

Also, in the shop you can buy an upgrade to Nancy’s bat.

  • 1x Heart Piece 36(store, give salt to the shop keeper)
  • 1x VHS 7/8 (Hopper’s home)
  • 1x Gnome 1 (behind Hopper’s house)
  • 1x Heart Piece 3 (left of hopper’s home)

In the quarry, look for:

  • 1x Police Badge (Quarry)
  • 1x Heart 19
  • 1x Dynamite
  • 1x Heart Piece (from Callahan)
  • Coins (optional) Give Break Pads to Callahan (coins)
  • 1x Heart Piece (from Flo)

Stranger Things CHAPTER 4 – Fire and Water 

Level progress – 43.2% to 56.3%

In this chapter, Fire and Water, you will walk through Sewers where you can find Will. Continue as you did in the previous chapters – check every object as many of them hide valuable prizes.

Boss: Hazmat Gunner

Difficulty: Challenging.

Hot to beat: Use your newly unlocked character Will to beat the Hazmat Gunner as he’s the only one that can get through the pipes. Beware of his bullets but remember that even at low health Will quite a capable fighter due to his fast attack.

Pick ups from different locations: Sewers

  • 1x Heart Piece
  • Coins
  • Lipstick (Will can squeeze through pipes)
  • 1x Gnome
  • 1x VHS 4/8 (pipe)
  • 1x Heart Piece 11
  • 1x Eggo Waffle 4
  • Outside of the sewers:
  • 1x Gnome 7
  • 1x Handcuffs
  • 1x Heart Piece
  • 1x Heart 39
  • 1x Canadian Tux (in the garbage)
  • 1x Heart
  • 1x Library key (from the Librarian for flowers)

Stranger Things CHAPTER 5 – Riddles in the Dark:

Game progress – 90%.

This may be the hardest chapter in the whole game. You will have to sneak through the library. Take your time. There are a lot of surprises but don’t panic. You have almost all characters at your disposal. Use them.

Boss: Elite Guard Team.

Difficulty: Hard.

Technically, the boss fight is the extension of the whole chapter. Sneak through, stun, distract and destroy. But it’s hard. So, if you have trouble, just follow lead of the video walkthrough.

Pick ups:

In the library:

  • 1x Gnome
  • 1x Eggo Waffle
  • 1x Heart Piece 1 (chest)
  • 1x VHS 5/8 (Library)

In the Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch

  • 1x Pumpkin
  • 1x Gnome
  • 1x Heart 7

In the Manhole:

  • 1x Heart Piece (Use Will to chat with Jennifer)
  • 1x Heart Piece
  • In the Graveyard:
  • 1x Rubber Skeleton
  • 1x Nails
  • 1x Robot Toy


  • Milk and Hairspray
  • 1x Eggo Waffle
  • 2x Heart Piece (from the clerk)

In the lab:

  • 1x Cathode Ray Tube (from Powell)
  • 1x Heart Piece (from Powell)
  • 1x Gnome (in the pipe)
  • 1x Heart Piece 1
  • 1x Hawkins Lab Blueprint


  • 1x Gnome

Near gate:

  • 1x Heart Piece (from Joyce)
  • 1x Heart Piece (from Steve)
  • 1x Spiked Bat (from Steve)
  • 1x Heart Piece (from Jonathan)

Forest Maze:

  • 1x Gnome 2
  • 1x Heart Piece


  • 1x Heart Piece (from Mr. Clarke)
  • Coins (from Mr. Clarke)
  • 1x VHS 3/8

Outside of the school:

  • 2x Heart Pieces (from Carol).
  • 1x Heart Piece (from Tommy, give pocket knife)
  • 1x Heart Piece (from Tommy, give pop.)


  • 1x Gnome
  • Camo Backpack
  • D-Cell Flashlight
  • Lucky D20
  • Lunchbox.
  • 1x Eggo Waffle (at the Wheeler’s)
  • 2x Heart Pieces (from Mr. Wheeler, give Pumpkin and Milk)

Stranger Things CHAPTER 6 – The Hydra

Game progress – 90% to 100%

The grand finale, the epilogue, it’s here where it all ends. I hope that you not only followed the walkthrough but actually reached this point at Stranger Things: The Game.

Now, it’s time to end it.

Luckily, the chapter is rather straightforward and even short. But don’t be smiling yet, there is an extremely hard boos fight waiting. And as long as we are telling the truth, you should know that even though you will unlock Eleven eventually, you will have to defeat the boss without her.

Boss: Tentacle Hydra

Difficulty: Long and hard.

How to beat: To beat hydra use cocoons to blow up its tentacles as you did in the previous chapters. You will also have to active laser beams to hurt hydra which will retaliate by sending its army. Make sure you focus on enemies that attack you (although it might be tempting to rush blowing up hydra).

Also, note that you unlock Eleven AFTER you defeat Hydra. Then the game will be 100% complete.

Pick ups:

  • 1x VHS 6/8 (last one)
  • 1x Heart Piece (for breaking jars).
  • 1x Heart Piece (pipes)
  • 1x Eggo Waffle

In the police Station:

  • 1x Heart Piece (from Flo)
  • Camo Backpack (from Callahan)

In the forest:

  • 1x Heart Piece
  • Unlock Eleven by putting Eggo Waffles into the chest.

Let me congratulate you:

You completed Stranger Things: The Game.

It couldn’t have been easy. And now you’re probably can’t wait for the second part. Don’t worry, it’s coming. Guaranteed.

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