Super Mario Maker Online: The Classic Game Renewed

super mario maker online

Super Mario has been a favourite character of many gamers for several decades. There have been numerous versions and variations of the classic games starring the diminutive Italian plumber.

Now players can make their own versions thanks to Super Mario Maker online. In the Super Mario Maker game online, it is possible to create new levels and courses.

This makes the world of Super Mario even more exciting. Read on to find out how you can use Super Mario Maker online.

What is Super Mario Maker online?

The Super Mario Maker game online is a game creation system which allows users to create side scrolling platform versions of Super Mario games. It was developed by Nintendo, the gaming giant responsible for the whole Super Mario franchise.

I came out all over the world in 2015. Players can use Super Mario Maker PC online version to customise and create courses in the following games:

  • Super Mario Bros.
  • Super Mario Bros. 3
  • Super Mario World
  • New Super Mario Bros. U

It is possible to share the courses and levels you create in the Super Mario Maker game online with other players. You can also play courses which other players have designed and created using Super Mario Maker online.

Users create new courses using the Super Mario Maker PC online interface and various course editing tools. Less than a year after its release, there had been more than seven million new courses created by users. In total, these courses were played over 600 million times.

Creating a course using Super Mario Maker online

The user interface of Super Mario Maker online is incredibly easy to use. Players will have no problem getting to grips with it. There are many different tools a user has access to, which assists in the creation.

Mechanics of Gameplay

The mechanics of gameplay can vary, depending on the mode in which they are played. Enemy behaviour can also vary as well.

These factors can make some of the new courses quite challenging. There are elements which can be changed and those which can be added. This makes playing them totally different.

For example, a user could use Super Mario Maker online to create a course for Super Mario Bros, but it could include elements of gameplay from Super Mario World. The possibilities are limitless.


super mario maker game online

It is possible for users to add power ups, warp pipes, and other elements of Super Mario gaming as they see fit.

The behaviour of some elements can be altered in ways which might not be seen in traditional versions of the Super Mario games.

Hazards can emerge from warp pipes, or enemies can be stacked. Cannons can emit certain objects, or shells can be used as protective headgear.

It’s all about allowing the user to be as creative as possible. All the editing tools work together, so it is impossible – in theory – to create any kind of element which doesn’t work.

The sky is the limit with Super Mario Maker online

Do you want to make enemies fly which usually can’t? Do you want to allow enemies to enlarge themselves with mushrooms? These are just a couple of the elements which are now possible.

Think of anything you’ve ever wanted to see possible in a Super Mario game. It could well be possible using Super Mario Maker online. You can be as creative as you want. The more creative the better.

Other users might play your courses if you come up with something spectacular.

Create, test, upload

Once you have created a course using Super Mario Maker online, you can play it through yourself. This allows you to check that everything works as you intended it to.

It also means you can check that there are no bugs in it and that it can actually be completed.

A course which can’t be finished is no fun to anybody. Once you are satisfied with the course you have created, you can save it and then upload it to the Super Mario Maker online Course World.

For Rookie and Pro

In the Course World, all users can browse through all the uploaded courses that have ever been created. It is possible to play a random selection of courses, chosen by the programme.

Or if you wish, you can simply play any course of your choosing. There are differing levels of difficulty, ranging from easy to super expert, so you can choose courses based on your playing ability.

super mario maker pc onlineThere is a limit to the number of courses which a user can create and upload.

Once you have uploaded a course, other players will hopefully play it. They can rate your course and give you stars based on their opinion of it.

Once you have collected enough stars, the limit for courses you can create and upload will increase. The key is to try and create the best possible course.

Think about what other players might want to see, as well as what you want from Super Mario Maker online.

Keep it official with Super Mario Maker online

There are a number of ways online which can be used to create Super Mario courses. But there’s only one Super Mario Maker online. It is much better to use the official version of this.

Other, unlicensed versions can sometimes create bugs in the game. The gameplay is not guaranteed with these versions, whereas it is with Super Mario Maker online.

Due to the sheer volume of users Super Mario Maker online has, the official version will allow many more players to access your courses.

You will also have access to a lot more courses yourself and can enjoy much more gaming there.

Before starting to use Super Mario Maker online, we recommend that you read the user guide. Nintendo have posted this guide online to help all players and would-be users.

This is in itself a fantastic tool for those who want to create their own Super Mario courses.