Tekken 3: Is It All about the Fight?

tekken 3If you’re not familiar with the Tekken series and weren’t kids in the late 90s, here’s our look into one of the best games of the series and PlayStation history, the good old Tekken 3.

And suddenly, there is a problem: how do you introduce a game like that? Certainly, 96% score on Metacritic calls for something more than just ‘a fighting game’. A ‘masterpiece’ perhaps?

But why Tekken 3?

Why now?

First of all, the Tekken series have just recently been closed by the final installment of Tekken 7. So, it feels like a good time to review the whole series and, arguably, Tekken 3 is the best part.

But it also seems like Tekken has always been diminished to a fighting game by so many players. It can be. Especially if you had a PlayStation and a few friends back when Tekken 3 was first released in 1998.

So, rather than focusing on the best fighting moves and tutorials on crushing your enemies, we want to introduce players to the story and depth of the Tekken game.

The story of Tekken

Despite dozens of characters in Tekken 3, the game revolves around the Mishima family and its tragic destiny. Heihachi Mishima is often perceived as the villain. He overthrows his father Jinpatchi as the head of their family corporation and tries to kill his son, Kazuya by throwing him off a cliff.

But we only later find out why.

Heihachi, confronted by Kazuya’s mother, demon-possessed Kazume is forced to kill her. To kill the devil gene Kazume was carrying, he decides to kill his son. However, after the failed attempt the devil gene in Kazuya activates.

In order to take revenge, he trains to enter the King of the Dragon Fist tournament to face his father in the final.

After he defeats his father, Kazuya takes over the corporation and meets Jun Kazama. Together they have a son, Jin Kazama. The second tournament takes place which is won by Heihachi, who throws his son into a volcano and kills him.

Here’s where we get to Tekken 3.

Jin’s mother was killed by an Ogre. Heihachi knows Jin is looking for revenge, so he arranges a third King of the Iron Fist tournament in hopes to bait Ogre to participate.

Introduction to the Tekken 3 characters

We won’t have the audacity to tell you the best Tekken 3 characters to fight with. We already know what a huge can of worms these debates open.

tekken 3 charactersBut Tekken is really a clash of different stories of power, family, love, and revenge. So, for the ultimate Tekken experience, you should pick a character by first looking into their background stories.

Jin Kazama is the center of the main plot of the story. Losing both of his parents Jin has a lot of debt to settle.

Heihachi Mishima is looking for ways to prolong his life and remain in power.

Orge, a war-possessed God looking to take the souls of strong fighters he defeats.

Mokujin – a training dummy who gained life after the Ogre awoke.

Beyond the main story, you have every other character to read upon. Did you know the mysteries behind Yoshimitsu?

Did you know that the original King is dead, but one of his orphan students has put on the mask to continue his legacy?

Is Tekken 3 worth playing today?

tekken 3 isoSo, now you know a little bit more about the characters and the main plot line.

Do you feel more compelled to pick the game again and focus on the perspective of one character?

As a fighting game (it is, after all) it’s not the best alternative for today. Tekken 7 is pretty good. But from the role-playing point of view, Tekken 3 explored the perfect time in the story of the franchise.

Back then every character not only had a goal to win the tournament, but a deep, personal agenda as well.